Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waffle House, Old Friends, & Beautiful Memories

This one's for Aimee. :) 

White flour, fried egg and potatoes, pork and absolutely nothing raw!  Not pictured is the white flour waffle, drenched in sugar, cooked with something they label as an oil.

Back in the day when Sam and I were young and knew EVERYTHING, our first duty station was Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA.  It was a short duty station, only a mere stop really for school and then on to a more permanent duty station.  We had been married about four years and Hannah was not yet a year old.  I was pregnant with Josiah.  I'm not sure what caused me to call Aimee.  I'm sure we had met at a officier wivies get together and chatted about church and children or something.  For some reason I decided to call Aimee and ask her to go walking with me.  After that we met almost every morning at the track on Fort Gordon and walked several miles. 
I never realized until years later, what a huge effort of love it was for Aimee to go walking with me everyday.  All I had to do was get my one baby and myself ready, Aimee had four boys.  So she would get ALL of them ready and herself, even when that required finding coats, hats and gloves.  She would give this young mom the good portion of her morning and then as I liesurely came home and enjoyed a book while Hannah napped, She would homeschool.  Now that's someone who believed people were the most important thing.  I am so grateful for her friendship and her graciousness to this then very young mother.
So, since we are on the east coast, we went to Waffle House in honor of my friend Aimee. ;)  It was one of her favs and they don't have them in her homeland, California. It was the kid's idea.  It went something like this.....Sam had just finished praying with the children and I was kissing my sweet darlings good night. 
Child 2 says, "Mama, what are we having for breakfast?" 
Mama: What do think we are having for breakfast?
Child 3:  (A little flattly) Juice. (which is our veggie/coconut oil/fruit smootie...often green) :)
Another child: Mama
Mama: Yes
Another child: (They are all in on it now)  Do you think we could go to Waffle House honor of your friend?
Mama:  Probably, I'll talk to Dad.
Another child:  Do you think we could go tomorrow......
Our very gracious server.  She was so kind to our kids.

The kids were so unaccustomed to eating such a heavy breakfast they couldn't finish the $3 kids meals.  The only thing they finished was the OJ. LOL!

This is a vegetable spead and embodies everything unhealthy on earth.  You can not pronounce any of the way too many ingredients.  I think it falls somewhere between plastic and a very strong artery clogging, cancer causing agent.  How in the world they are able to put no trans fats on this.....I have no idea!  I smell a FDA payoff.

We enjoyed it, but the kids haven't ask to go back. :)