Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD

Last week the older four and K got to attend Music Camp.  They have only just begun piano lessons, so I wasn't sure how beneficial it would be for them to go.  Plus, I wasn't sure if I wanted to take a week off from school.  We were assured they had classes for beginners and I also thought it would be a good opportunity for them to be immersed in Spanish again (we have been speaking a lot of English at home and of course when we were in the US, so the kids confidence has fallen a bit).  We are so glad they went.  Three of the children picked a new instrument and worked on learning it, while Hannah stuck with getting better at piano.  Josiah broke his wrist the day before camp began, but still managed to play the penny whistle.  They had devotions, music doctrine classes, music theory, choir, and instrument lessons.  That made for a pretty packed day.  Most days from 6:30 am to 10:30pm or later, then of course you have to stay up and chat.  It took several days to recover and I still haven't recovered the laundry, but it was such a blessing.  I stayed here with Haden and studied for my upcoming medical mission intensive class and prepared to teach Children's Class for church for the first time in Spanish....more on that later.  Camp was about 45 minutes away, so Sam drove back and forth participating when he could there and keeping up his responsibilities here.  

On Friday night they did an outreach in a nearby village by putting on a concert.  It gathered quite a crowd.  Lena doesn't stick out at all, does she?

Josiah and another girl, both new to the penny whistle, learned to play Amazing Grace.

Sam and Adelina during recital on Saturday morning.  Sam was able to join in some of the violin classes, he began learning to play back in Jr. high, but it has been a long time.  Adelina was completely new to the violin, but enjoyed it very much.  

They even had a conducting class and Sam and K were good enough to conduct for the recital.

Or maybe just the best of the worst, I never really got a clear answer on that.


Josiah on his way to the clinic the day before camp.  He was pretty bummed he was going to have to be in a cast again.  He just got out of one in Jan.  Plus this week is his birthday and he'll be in a cast, but it is healing well and it's not slowing him down too much.  We made a good contact with the doctor at the clinic.  He gave me his personal cell in case I started going to births and had anything I couldn't handle or had any questions.  He's also checking into helping me get medications I need to carry.  Praise the Lord!  Oh!  And NICE splint job G.I. Joe daddy!

Music doctrine, I think.

Lena working hard.

Sam brought the guitar so he could learn a little, but Samuel liked it so much and was working so hard on it, he didn't have the heart to make him share.

Isn't this little guy adorable, I couldn't resist adding him here.

Sam made a yogurt, oatmeal dish that we made at the Children's Home a lot.  It was a big hit.  The kitchen staff invited us to come back and help in the kitchen next year!  LOL!

Theory Class

Creative use of resources, theory class in the bus.  K was able to learn how to say music words in Spanish and how Spanish theory is different from American.  Now she can use it here when she teaches.  Amen!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Good Week

We read Anna Lopez's blog this week and we are praying for the orphans she mentioned.  Go over and check out her blog and join us in prayer for the children.

Below are some cute pictures of our last few weeks at our new home here in La Chona.

You go get em' bro.  I gotta refuel.  Snacks!

OK! I'm ready!  I got your back!

"OK lil' bro!  Let's head back to home base."
"OK big bro.  It must be snack time after all that fighting!"

"No!  Not snacks lil' bro.  We gotta catch some zzzz!"

"Don't worry Heidi's got our back."

"OK! Lil' bro. up and at em'.  We got to build up our defenses!"

"Build!  I need my snackage!"
"Snackage lil' bro!  No time"  I'm catching in coming!"

"I'm coming!  I got your back......."

"Oh no!  Too late!  Don't worry big bro.  I'm combat lifesaver trained!  If only I hadn't replaced all my gauze with snacks!"

"Whew!  That was close!  Thanks lil' bro!  We gotta head through the jungle before dad gets time to mow it down!"

"Ready Freddy!"

Now that's one tough snack eating Joe!

Isn't K a good sport!  She's been a huge blessing to our family.

Found one of Bro L smiling.  He's harvesting rocks out of my garden.

Look at Haden's creation.

Oh no it's gone rouge!

Have you ever seen a banana tree flower?

Josiah trying to have a good attitude about dog poop clean up duty.

Lena praying for the rain to hold off until after the movie outreach.

Have you ever felt like a storm has come upon you suddenly and almost washed you away?

And then the SON breaks through!

Friday, September 2, 2011

We're Back

I'm curled up on the couch with Haden he's looking at "Usborne Mysteries and Marvels of Plant Life" and I am reading the little inserts he finds interesting and wants to know more about.  Adelina painted his face for him this morning, so he's "Sweets", the cutest clown on the block today.  We just completed our first week of school and my house is filled with the sound of children happily playing.  Samuel is working on a WWII comic and Hannah is singing hymns in Spanish and English.
We are back in Mexico and mostly settled into out new home for the next ten months in "La Chona" Mexico.  In addition the Sunday services in town and out in the village, Tuesday nights out in the village, Thursday nights here in town, Wednesday night prayer meeting and Saturday visitation we have already done an evangelical movie out reach in the village, ladies meeting in a town a couple of hours away and a trip to Guadalajara to take a visitor to the airport.  Whew!!!  It looks to be a busy year with lots of opportunities to improve our Spanish and serve in the ministry.  Sam has been leading the music for services and is working on sermons, so he can do some of the preaching.  I will be teaching the children's classes some starting this month, so send up some prayers, because it will be my first time in Spanish.
We had our first visitors from our sending church and what a huge blessing they were.  Bro. L and his daughter K drove down with us, as usual there were a few "hiccups".  Fortunately it was smooth sailing on this side of the border.  They helped us unpack, get moved in and clean up the yard.  K has stayed to do a "missionary internship" with us.  Not sure we are exactly experts at mission work, but we are glad to have her.  She is playing the piano for services, helping two of the young ladies in the church with their piano skills (Hannah is translating for her - GO HANNAH!), giving ALL my children piano lessons and helping me with school.  She's also done a lot of laundry.

Please continue to pray for our Spanish.  We are far from speaking perfectly and we are now neck deep in life and ministry.  Also, please pray for the kids school.  Our time at the children's home made it difficult to keep up with school and the first half of this year was sent in language school.  I hate to use the word "behind" for my super sharp kiddos, but we have some work to do.

On an end note:  We were able to use some of the medical supplies that were donated to clean and treat what looked like a bite from a brown recluse or south american wolf spider.  The bite was 6 months old, swollen and about the size a plum, located on the ankle.  He had already been to doctor, but it continued to get worse.  Since treatment, the swelling has gone almost completely and it has diminished in size.  Praise the Lord!