Monday, March 14, 2011

Avocados and God's Provisions

On an update note:

It seems that you can obtain a "permit" to barricade a public road.  Good to know, anyway the gate is back.  As they were re-erecting it, we stopped by to ask the guard how long this one would be up, he got a kick out of that.  Sometimes dealing with paperwork is so frustrating here, so glad for a little comic relief.  But seriously, it wouldn't be so funny if you just built a church building and someone comes in and tells you don't have a certain "permit" you need (when you are certain you had already jumped through all the right hoops) and they confiscating all you building supplies until you obtain it.  Not that I've heard of this happening, but it's very possible.  Fun times, thankful we have God on our side, very important not to do things here without first making sure God is in it!

We had a strange and unusual wind storm today, it even knocked the power out for awhile.  It also knocked all kinds of fruit off of the trees, mainly oranges and avocado.  Actually a boatload of avocado, which my kids promptly gathered up.  They even found some mangos, which I thought must have blown in from another yard, but no it was from ours, who knew!  And Samuel had just ask me what a mango tree looked like!

On a more spiritual note:
We had cake and coffee this afternoon after school, which reminded me of all the afternoons I spent at my dear friend Manuela's house.  She is German and cake and coffee in the afternoon is a very good habit they often keep.  One that she shared with me often when we lived in Lawton, OK.  Our kids are close to the same age with Samuel and T being only about a week apart.  Her L and Hannah were incredibly close and it was so hard on Hannah when we moved.  Our new church did not have any girls Hannah's age, then we were an deputation for a year, and then we moved to Mexico.  So, since I was reminded of Manuela we gave her a call and the whole family chatted with our wonderful friends.  What a blessing Skype is!  Manuela and I are always able to pick right up and talk and talk as if we have never been apart.
Then we gave the girls a chance to chat.  As I worked in the kitchen, I could here Hannah and L, talking and talking and talking.  They even read a little from their favorite books to each other.  I suddenly realized how much Hannah needed to talk with a friend her own age, that loves God, that shares some of her passions and interest, and that speaks English.  God was taking care of my little girls needs, all the way down here on the mission field, and he used a piece of cake to do it!

God Bless All.