Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Guest

Here is a picture of the boy's room and the girl's room.  The nets over the bed are a must for dealing with the unwanted "house guest".  The fans are also a very nice luxury, even though it is the mildest season of the year, it is still quite warm!

The mosquitos are as thick as clouds some evenings.  I suspected the open water reservoir for a while, but didn't know what to do about it.  Our landlord's wife made this device out of a plastic water bottle to float on top the water.  It seems to disturb the mosquitos enough to keep them from laying eggs in the water.  Surprising it has cut down on the mosquitos a lot.

  I tried a homemade mosquito trap I saw on Pinterest.  I really like Pinterest, but this project was a disappointing failure.  I am going to try to redo the yeast/sugar mixture, but on the first try I caught a whopping one fly and one mosquito.  Not a huge help!

So how are we doing without internet?  I guess to say we have no internet is not completely accurate.  We can drive to a town about 10 minutes away and find an internet cafe, which is where I am sitting right now.  So, I just jot down things I want to look up and try to use the internet time wisely.  Generally, I type out any replies to emails or blog post ahead of time to cut down on time, since we pay for internet by the hour.  It's really a minor adjustment.

Our dining room

The outside of the house.


  1. Can you plant Lemon Balm? or marigolds? Both repel mosquitoes. You could also put up a bat house, bats are natural predators.

  2. We only deal with mosquitoes about two months out of the year. What a lot of the nationals do is hang plastic bags full of water around their house... then they let their windows open. Many claim this really works.


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