Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EBV (VBS) Ministry Update

Vacation Bible School is in full swing this week.  Please pray with us.  We blanketed over 800 homes last week. The rain slowed us a little, but Saturday we went in the rain! The kiddos at the home went with us and we knocked everyone of those doors.  They did an outstanding job representing Casa Betania, the church and most importantly God.  We have had a good many visitors come, so that is exciting.

 Steve Benedict concluding the evening by giving an illustration of how Jesus Christ is the only way, with Luis' help.  Sam has plans to drive the neighborhoods on a four wheeler with a loud speaker tonight, so pray we have so many come we have to run to the store for extra snacks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impromtu Science Experiment

Sometimes, when we have time and we think of it and we remember the containers, we get milk from a farm close to Casa Betania.  Adelina and Daniella, who is also seven, went with Sam on Tuesday morning.  They got to watch the cow get milked.  Adelina was very inspired.  She found a large box and got some of the children to help her draw and color a cow.  She then cut it out.  When we got home she asked for a plastic glove, which she filled with water, attached to the cow with help from her daddy and gave a milking demonstration.  It would have made a great science project for a science fair.  After an experiment with water in the glove, we let her use milk.  She even demonstrated how the baby cow nursed.  Haden thought that was great and gave it a try, complete with moooooing sound effects, too cute. 

BTW, I started a new blog dedicated to all my crazy cooking and gardening adventures.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you!

A huge thank you to the Moxley family for their constant kindness towards us.  They have been faithful financial supporters and I am completely confident they consistently hold us before the throne of God.  Yesterday we received a lovely surprise.  Our first care package.  It was so thoughtful and encouraging.  Baylin and Lanie sewed the girls the cutest skirts, which they absolutely loved, immediately put on and wore for the rest of the day.  They also sent Starbuck's coffee, both regular and decaf.  A playmobile set for Haden, that he played with ALL day yesterday and today, LEGO sets for the boys and BOOKS!  YAY! 

The Smoke of a Thousand Villages

"In the vast plain to the north I have sometimes seen, in the morning sun, the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary has ever been" —Robert Moffat, who inspired David Livingstone

This quote always brings instant tears to my eyes.  The above picture, taken on July 4th, 2010, by Missionary Sam Means, my dear husband, embodies that quote.  On Tuesday morning a young man Sam has befriended, carried a Proclaimer (audio Bible) where we can not yet go.  His intention was to present it to the village chief as a gift.  Please be in prayer this week.  We are hopeful God's word will be heard for the first time by many.  

Sam's facebook status July 6th:

Please join us in prayer this week for Balam. I gave him a "Proclaimer" (audio bible) and a bible to take back to his village Tuapurie; he will be giving it to the chief as a gift tomorrow morning. They proclaim to be believers in Jesus Christ but have mixed paganism with Catholicism. They don't welcome visitors, they tie them up and take to main village chief. God's Word is going where I can't take it...for now! ;)


Sam mentioned maybe we should begin praying for good camping equipment.  It is very easy to get excited when you see God work, but we don't want to get ahead of God. 


Monday, July 5, 2010

If You Get a Word From God

If you get a word from God, just step out and He will take care of all the details, right down to the teeth.  Last year two of Hannah's teeth began coming in very high, because there was not enough room for them.  God put us in touch with the right orthodontist for Hannah's condition.  They fitted her with a device that started making room in her month for her teeth and her teeth have began moving into the correct place.  They worked around our very busy schedule last year.  In fact, Dr. Lowder's office was the last stop we made on our way out of town, as we started toward Mexico.  Also, They were very generous to us and God provide the rest of the funds needed for the devices, as he always does.

This special device fits into Hannah's mouth and she tightens and expands it periodically.  It had almost reached it's full expansion and it was now time for a new device.  We were able to get a mold of her teeth made at a dentist here in Jerez and Dr. Lowder's office was able to fashion the new device, both Dr. Lowder and the dentist here noted that the "progress was excellent".  The concern was how to get the device here in a timely manner and unharmed as they are somewhat fragile.

Not sure how God worked it all out, but a colleague of Dr. Lowder's with knowledge of this device, just happened to be coming to Fresnillo, a nearby city, to visit his daughter, who is a missionary there.  He hand delivered the device and even did a few adjustment to fit it just perfect.  He also took pictures, so he could consult with Dr, Lowder.  Thank you so much Dr. Mahon and Dr. Lowder's office and Praise the Lord!

Every last detail!

Hannah's new smile!