Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Rent a House in Mexico

You could try the internet, you'll find a few there.  When you call about them, you'll find they are already rented.  However the realtor will be happy to show a bunch of houses she knows you will just love, that don't fit in the budget you have plainly stated or any of the other criteria you have talked about.

Then you will go off on a wild goose chase and consider renting an orphanage, however I think that experience is actually exclusive to the Means family.  Maybe I'll post more on that later.  At this point you'll find yourself and your five children homeless and crashing at a friends house.

And at this point, the word will get around that you are homeless and a lady from church, a client and one of the students at the birth center will come up with houses for you to check out.  Some fairly decent options actually.  In order to see these houses you must meet the student at the birth center, ride with her to go pick up the client's mother and then ride over to go talk to the Tia (aunt).  That house will already be rented, but she will have another idea, so you go see that one and one more.  When you take the mother back, the husband of the client will make some phone calls and you can go look at one more house that will be ready in two months.

Move in madness!  Sleeping on the floor!

Move in madness!  Must homeschool!

When you decide to settle on the one that was beside the one the church member found in the newspaper, the friends you are crashing with call to say the bakery lady pointed them in the direction of the perfect house, in a great location, at a great price!  And that is how you find a house to rent in Mexico.