Thursday, July 21, 2016

Waves in Arkansas

Bet you did not know we have waves in Arkansas.

Samuel had been land locked for 12 months and 26 days when we received heavy rains during the night on July 2nd. He woke up talking about river surfing and how he knew where there was going to be a wave today and could he go surf it. What?!? Wait, WHAT?!?

"I don't know, I'm trying to fix breakfast. We have church, go get ready for church."

What the heck is he talking about? We go to church. Our church can be a little a good way, except not so much when the rain has stopped and you are worried about your wave disappearing. We talk and eat and pray and catch up and read scripture and talk about scripture. He patiently waits. We close in prayer.

"Mom, I have my board in Hannah's truck, can she take me to the river, I want to surf that wave before it is gone."

"Ummm, ok?"

After we say our goodbyes and get in the car, I pause and look at Sam. Wait, WHAT?!? "Ummm, I told Samuel he could go surf a river wave, maybe we should go check it out."

We locate Samuel, with his little brother in tow. He was right, there was a wave. How did he know there would be a wave there? {little brother was not going to surf or get in the water, but I can see how him standing by a fast following drainage area in the middle of town could cause some concern} Two concerned citizen were urging Samuel not to get in the current, as he was insisting it was perfect for boarding. A police officer was also pulling up.

After some discussion, the police officer noted that he thought it was dangerous, but he did not know of any laws that were being broken. {I want to put another caveat in here: my boys have spent a good amount of time in rough waters and surfed Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico...think big waves, so I'm not recommending this for anyone without experience

We go to Lowe's for a rope to help Samuel get to the wave. This proved unnecessary. I choose to be in denial that I have to live with the consequences of raising adenine junkies and walk over the Barnes & Nobles to peruse books on tiny houses and gardens. {More on the tiny homes later}.

Okay, so it is not as good a getting up at the break of dawn, dipping into the Pacific and feeling the rush of breaking ocean waves, but it is pretty nifty. Now my boys are constantly watching the weather for heavy rain. Especially since Josiah had other obligations and missed this wave.

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