Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Missed All the "Excitement"...PTL (Praise the Lord!)

Dear Pastors, family and friends;

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know where we are and inform you of recent events that have occurred in our new town of Encarnación de Díaz (La Chona).

As you may know we completed 5 months of language school and at the end of June moved to our new town of La Chona.  Prior to our arrival I was contacted about my grandmothers health and quick there after her death.  My family provided the funds for our drive to the states so that we could attend her memorial service on July 1st in N.W. Arkansas.

On July 4th, I was contacted about recent cartel activity in our town.  During our absence (PRAISE GOD!), there were several shootings as a new cartel tried to gain a “foot print” in the area.  The military was called-in to help control the situation and several arrests were made.  Over the course of the week we confirmed the information and sought direction from God concerning our immediate return. 

At this time, all is at rest in the area but time is needed to prove the security of the town.  We have sought God’s direction on what we should do; at the counsel of my pastor I will be flying back to Mexico on July 20th while Carie and children stay in N.W. Arkansas. 

This trip has several objectives:
  1. Confirm the security of our town for my family’s return
  2. Obtain and construct the new tent for the church
  3. Preach my first sermon in Spanish


  • We PRAISE GOD for is protection.  God used my family and the home going of my grandmother to protect us.  Thank you for your prayers.
  • We PRAISE GOD for using the vacation home of a member of my brothers church to provide a home for us near family.
  • We PRAISE GOD for providing for needed van repairs.
  • We PRAISE GOD for providing the funds and opportunity to attend “Family Camp” last week.
  • We PRAISE GOD for supporting churches that love us and pray for us.

Please pray for my safety as I travel via bus and plane back to La Chona.  Pray for Carie and the children while they are in Arkansas and try to get started on Homeschool.

NEEDS:  Carie needs to borrow or use Rod & Staff 3rd and 4th grade English materials for student and teacher.  She will be able to return them before leaving for Mexico, Lord willing in the middle of August.
Please do not hesitate to call us. 
In His service for His Glory,
Bro Sam