Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bold New Witness

" You have to watch out for those new Christians, they will ruin a good luke warm church." - (loose paraphrase)

So the quote is because of all these new Christians we have running around.  We have had several new teens come to Casa Betania in the last six months and all but the newest girl have been saved and baptized, so we have a lot of new Christians running around our house, excited about how God has redeemed them from their sin and changed their life.  Watching them made me think of this quote as God has provide opportunities for them to share their faith and they have been BOLD new creatures.

Sneak peak of our newest Prayer Letter:

" The change God has made in their lives has been so neat to see.  Luis has gone from being unsure of who Moses is, to expressing interest in the ministry, to preaching his first sermon.  He faithfully shares his faith.  He has given tracts to his teachers and his family.  During door to door tract distribution Lidia was able to share with a man who was very receptive.  When he was visited again, he was very interested, but feared his family.  They were very adamant that he not become a Christian.  Please pray for Jose Manuel.  Rubi shared her faith with the owners of the store close to the Children’s Home when they offered to use her change to pay for a prayer to a saint.  She explained that we only pray to the living God and we follow what the Bible says.  They were curious to know more, but said they had a hard time reading the Bible.  We went with Rubi and Lupita to take them an audio Bible.  Rubi and Lupita both were so excited to be sharing their faith with others.  Many of these children have families that are not Christians and are very concerned for them.  Please join them in praying for their families."

Some more on Lidia, post on the Casa Betania Facebook page by Amber:

"Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the Gospel... "Mami, guess what? I'm a preacher!" Lidia was so excited when she came home last night. She had been doing some outdoor evangelism work with a visiting missionary and had the opportunity to share her testimony with a very large crowd. Lidia came to us shortly after she escaped her abductors. Because of her lifestyle, she was taken in by a bad, bad crowd. She had to leave her family due to threats and came to live with us. She explained how that
God loved her enough to rip her away from where she was and put her in a place where she could hear the Gospel. As she said, "I'm not the person I was, I'm completely different because of Jesus!" As she left the platform she shouted, "Praise the Lord!" We're so thankful to have her as part of our family!!!"