Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With much prayer and feeling confident we are in God's will, we decided the children would go to Mexican school this year.  The Children's Home is located about 10 miles outside of town near a little "rancho", it is a very small school, they know us well and one of the teachers is a christian.  It is a good opportunity for the kids and us too.  After praying over the decision together as a family, we all felt at peace.  We knew it would be challenging, but we had NO idea.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around four children having 5 books each completely in Spanish.  It is 10:00 at night and I am finally done translating Samuel's reading assignment.  We read it in Spanish, then we read it in English....line by line.  I can't even describe, how overwhelmed we all are.  I almost went into full panic mode yesterday when they brought their homework home and I started to realize just what we were getting ourselves into.  I went out to hang up laundry just to calm down and pray.  Hannah came out with such a good attitude, she was trying her level best to figure out how to climb this gigantic mountain.  Such a huge encouragement and answer to pray for this mama.

I spoke with my mom, who is a school teacher, and ask what she did when she had students who did not speak English.  She basically said they usually fail the first year, but they move them on anyway and the next year they catch up and do fine.  So, we have are work cut out for us. It didn't help that Adelina and Samuel got put a grade level above what they are capable of even in English.  Hopeful we can get that cleared up tomorrow.

Haden said he cried a little at school.  I asked why.  He said, "I wish I was Wendi (his Mexican friend from the home and classmate), I want to say all those words to my teacher."  Poor little guy he feels it too. 

Hannah said to her teacher she couldn't do her homework.  He said, "Don't say you can't, say you can because you have confidence in God."

So, I guess my point is, as usual, we have gotten ourselves in a spot where only God can get us out!  So this mama is doing a lot of praying.  If you want to join me it would be really appreciated.  The reason we decide to do this is 1.) God's leading  2.) It helps everyone with Spanish  3) It helps the kids with Spanish and they want to minister to the Mexican people as much as we do and we are limited until we learn to speak Spanish. 

Pictures to follow soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

EBV a Roaring Success

Nearby horses finished off the backdrop for an awesome VBS week.  We had a cowboy theme.  LOL!

It was an EXHAUSTING 2 weeks, but EVB (VBS) was a huge success.  We went from I think around 40 kids the second night, to over 120 by the last night, Thursday.  I had lifted up a little prayer that we would have to go for extra snacks on Wednesday night and not only did we need extra snacks, but I ran home for extra craft materials and the group that can to help had to pray up some crafts for Thursday.  They were almost clean out by the end of Wednesday night.  God provided in an amazing way.  Another group that had been doing VBS in another area had some extra supplies. They visited Casa Betania Thursday and asked if their extra craft supplies were wanted! ;)

I think my favorite part was seeing one of the faithful church ladies, hermana (sister) Manuela, single handily fill up and entire van BEYOND it's capacity.  I had never seen her more joyful, and joyful is different from happy-BTW.  She was bringing her friends, family and neighbors to church!

We have had a good number of visitors, at least 10, return for regular services and can tell God is working in individual's hearts.  One is a young man named Ruben.  He speaks enough English that Sam has been able to speak with him on several occasions about Salvation and gave him a clear presentation yesterday.  He has been here in Jerez, visiting family for the summer and returned to Augascalientes for school today.  We are hoping to stay in contact with him and are making efforts to help him find a church that will continue to minister to him. 

Recently Sam was able to preach with an interpreter, but is working hard on writing out a sermon he can preach on his own.  One of the young men at Casa, Juan Adan, did the interpreting with no advanced notice.  He and Sam stepped aside and prayed together.  He took it very serious and did and excellent job, his love for Christ and growing maturity showed through very brightly.  He is a quieter fellow and does not seek attention, so standing before a congregation and helping Sam proclaim truth was something God did through him. 

Families arriving by foot from a nearby neighborhood and closing out VBS with the theme song one last time.  You will notice Luis greeting them.  Lidia, Lupita and Karine must have sung that song over hundred times as they ministered in music class all week.  They never once complained.  Check out Casa Betania's facebook page for more pictures.