Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great Passions

It's Your Birth, Know Your Options!
I guess it's been 2 1/2 years since my first days as an apprentice when I met Beth Day. She was completing her childbirth educator training with Lamaze and half way through her second pregnancy. We met at her prenatal and instantly connected. We both love motherhood and birth and chatted effortlessly about our passion for helping women during their childbearing years.
And so it was that while she nurtured her second baby in her womb and I made my way as graciously as possible through my husbands year long deployment to Iraq, we birthed a grassroots effort to bring change in childbirth to NWA. Beth is an advocate at heart and was the one with the vision to start a grassroots organization to help inform and educate the public about options on childbirth and the child bearing years. After doing some research she discovered that this was already being done sucessfully in other communties. So being the witty, intelligent women we are, we thought, why reinvent the wheel, and a new local chapter of BirthNetwork National was born.
The only hang up was that two co-leaders were needed, when no one else stepped up, I came along side and tried to help and encourage Beth the best I could. I think the thing that really helped our co-leadship relationship work was that we both had a big vision for change, that we both feel positive change is possible.
Over the last 2 1/2 years, I believe many positive change has been made and many mothers and
families have benefits from "Knowing Their Options". Join us in making an even bigger impact by joining BirthNetwork of NWA today. Go over to their web site and check out all the exciting events coming up. Currently they are running a Pampers Mother's Contest and they have all kinds of great goodies to give away, including a massage! Or you can head out to the Living It Green Expo at Pinacle and see the BirthNetwork booth and talk to the great gals there. Tell them I said "Hi!".

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