Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Your Husband Down with Your Crazy Diet?

Believe it or not yes! He just came up with a raw almond butter recipe and he's making super healthy chocolate shake right now. Recently a friend ask how to begin moving towards healthier eating habits with a resistant family. I am brain storming on some practical ideas and recourses.

One of the first things to do is drink water. It's not a huge thing and everyone will feel better instantly. Really, you would be surprised, just like a cool drink of water from God's Word does wonders for a parched, defeated heart, water will rejuvinate and revive. So go throw out all those sodas and flavored drinks. Now not only are you taking a good first step towards good health, but you are saving money by not buying all those drinks. Unless, of course, you're living in a country were you have to buy bottled water like we do in Mexico. So no more Dr. Pepper--you know who you are.

And Other Food Stuff.....

Starbucks Espresso Truffle

We’ve combined Starbucks espresso with our premium European-style cocoa blend used in our Signature Hot Chocolate and steamed milk, and topped it with whipped cream and a touch of chocolate powder. This sophisticated beverage delivers rich chocolate flavor with a velvety mouthfeel balanced with a smooth coffee flavor.
Sounds wonderful and yummy and it’s one of Sam’s favorites, although he never buys it. It cost a whopping $4.

My Truffle Mocha
One pot strong coffee-Starbucks uses expresso, so you could make the extra effort and brew expresso, but it turned out great with strong coffee.
Maybe three tbsp, I didn’t measure, will measure next time-Xylitol
Maybe three tbsp, again didn’t measure, taste and add more if you like-Coaco powder
Cream or milk….mmmm….enough to make it a tad creamy.
Top with whip cream, barely sweetened with xylitol, I whipped my from heavy cream in the blender on high.
Sprinkle coaco powder on top
I put the fist 3 ingredients into a pan and warmed them to almost boiling. Poured it into coffee cups leaving a little rrom on top for whipped cream and sprinkled with coaco powder. Tasted like the starbucks drink!
This drink cost over $4 at Starbucks and I made a whole pot for under $2. It is too sweet for me to drink very often, but on occation it is awesome. Oh and the xylitol is good for you and it’s made with sugar at Starbucks.

Thai Bubble Tea/Food Blog

I am sorry I have taken the food blog off for right now. I don’t have internet access enough to keep it going. I hope to resume it when we get to Mexico, along with plant a garden. We are still shooting for 50% or more raw. We juice almost every morning. It is very rare we eat anything cooked before lunch and our lunches are raw most of the time.

Here’s a fun treat, Bubble Tea. We made it with a packet this time, but it is easy to make with black tea, sugar or xylitol and cream or milk. Cook large tapioca pearls according to directions. Place in bottom of each glass. Fill with ice and pour tea mixture over pearls and ice. If you make it with green tea, xylitol and farm fresh milk it’s actually pretty good for you! A very fun treat. Oh yes, you need to grab some of the extra fat straws when you’re at the Asian market.

We have an obsession with coconut right now. We put coconut oil in everything and on everything. It is a super food, I mean amazing stuff. It actually clears bad cholesterol out of your system, it helps fight disease, and a mired of other things. It is even one of the best things to use on your hair and skin and since you shouldn’t put anything on your body, you wouldn’t out in your body I use it as my face and body lotion. It also works as a natural sun screen. It kept us all protected in the hot AZ sun this summer. We put it in our veggie/fruit shakes every morning and it makes them creamy and yummy. It has to be cold pressed. I hear Wal-mart is carrying cold pressed coconut oil now. I order mine by the gallon. Sam has had borderline high cholesterol for the past 2 years. This year after coconut oil and all our raw diet the doctor was floored by Sam’s blood work and physical. He said he was the healthiest patient he had seen in a long time. Then when he looked at the change from last year he was really floored. Sam had dropped his cholesterol 80 points or more! The doctor actually wrote down our green smoothie recipe.

Young coconut milk is also an amazing food. It actually can be used as a universal blood transfusion, being identical to blood plasma. It will balance electrolytes better than Gatorade ever thought about. So if you’re feeling a little run down grab some young coconuts when you get your Bubble Tea Ingredients at the Asian Market. I’ll try to put a tutorial on here for opening them soon.


  1. Wow Carie, I didn't realize how long we have not talked. I really miss you. We just got back from Germany. this time it was great. Unfortunately I have lost my eating habits. I wished I would be as strict as you are. By the way, we use coconutoil too, and I used it as a facial lotion, but broke out. We buy it at the Amish, but I don't know if it is coldpressed.
    Anyhow, thank you for your updates and the cute picture. You are always in my prayers.
    How is your Spanish coming along? Hope you don't loose your English in the meantime. LOL

    Well, keep on writing your blog. Gives me encouragement.

    Love you,

  2. That's awesome about Sam's cholesterol levels. I used to drink the espresso truffle, it was so good.


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