Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Turn a 9 Hour Trip Into a 13 Hour Trip OR Expect Resistance

First we turned a one day trip to the border into a three day trip.  Partly because we had an orthodontist appointment before we could leave town, one more meeting in Center, TX and a generator to pick up in Austin, TX.  I started out driving the van with the trailer, but the winds were so strong it was hard to control the trailer.  The winds continued all day and whipped the trailer around so much that by Thursday morning when we started towards Austin, TX, we only made it a few mile outside of town before the right wheel hub broke.
A man from the church we attended Wednesday came over and helped Sam repair it, while the kids and I had a picnic lunch and played ball.  The weather was gorgeous and "whew!" we had gotten our car troubles out of the way before we even crossed the border.

We got to Austin late and had a good time getting to know Mrs. Thompson, the mother of Mona Sloan.  The Sloans are friends and missionaries to Chiapas, Mexico.  I wish had gotten a picture, she is such a wonderful lady.  She sent us on our way with a copy of Where There Is No Doctor and a garlic peeler which works awesome!  Friday we did some errands and continued event free to Laredo, TX.

On Saturday the border crossing went really smooth!  They waved us by and we headed for the immigration office for visas and car tags.  The only hiccup was Adelina's misplaced passport.  I won't go into detail so we don't incriminate ourselves.  To our surprise, despite the fact that it was Easter weekend, everything went quickly, but we knew the 30 km check point would be the hard one.  I was so excited about our smooth crossing, I rear ended the trailer with the Toyota!

When we got to the check point Sam thought the visa and passports had somehow fallen out of the van and did a u turn.  He promptly remember where they were and we did another u turn back to the check point.  At this point the gate guard didn't even care to look at them anymore, which was good because of Adelina.  This time they waved us over and I knew we would be unpacking everything as they searched through it, because that's what the cars on both sides of us were doing!  The guards and Sam stood and looked at the busted trailer.
Sam explained his meujer, literally woman, but an affectionate term for wife, just did it as we were coming across the border.  One guard said his wife rear ended him once and they had a good laugh.  They all decide, with some urging on Sam's part I'm sure, that it could not be reclosed if it was opened and they sent us on our way.

Going across Easter weekend might have helped, and we didn't plan that.

Rear ending the trailer probably helped, and we certainly didn't plan that!

But the Bojie children praying with the faith of David when he defeated Goliath defiantly helped!

Sara Elizabeth Bojie commented on your status:

"Oh no!!!! Praying!!! Seriously, all the Bojies are huddled on the office floor. Keep us updated!!!! "

Thank you to all who have been praying for us.
Now we only had 9 hours of smooth sailing through Mexico....or did we....

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  1. What a story!!! So glad y'all are there safe and sound. A garlic peeler sounds great. :)

    I kinda chuckle every now and then recounting that morning. Andrew was on the other chair, the children were huddled on the floor and I was at the computer hitting refresh every 10 seconds for updates, sharing the latest request, and cheering for answered prayer. I'm sure a passer-by would've thought it odd looking. It was a real blessing for the children as they experienced answered prayer right before their eyes.


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