Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With much prayer and feeling confident we are in God's will, we decided the children would go to Mexican school this year.  The Children's Home is located about 10 miles outside of town near a little "rancho", it is a very small school, they know us well and one of the teachers is a christian.  It is a good opportunity for the kids and us too.  After praying over the decision together as a family, we all felt at peace.  We knew it would be challenging, but we had NO idea.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around four children having 5 books each completely in Spanish.  It is 10:00 at night and I am finally done translating Samuel's reading assignment.  We read it in Spanish, then we read it in English....line by line.  I can't even describe, how overwhelmed we all are.  I almost went into full panic mode yesterday when they brought their homework home and I started to realize just what we were getting ourselves into.  I went out to hang up laundry just to calm down and pray.  Hannah came out with such a good attitude, she was trying her level best to figure out how to climb this gigantic mountain.  Such a huge encouragement and answer to pray for this mama.

I spoke with my mom, who is a school teacher, and ask what she did when she had students who did not speak English.  She basically said they usually fail the first year, but they move them on anyway and the next year they catch up and do fine.  So, we have are work cut out for us. It didn't help that Adelina and Samuel got put a grade level above what they are capable of even in English.  Hopeful we can get that cleared up tomorrow.

Haden said he cried a little at school.  I asked why.  He said, "I wish I was Wendi (his Mexican friend from the home and classmate), I want to say all those words to my teacher."  Poor little guy he feels it too. 

Hannah said to her teacher she couldn't do her homework.  He said, "Don't say you can't, say you can because you have confidence in God."

So, I guess my point is, as usual, we have gotten ourselves in a spot where only God can get us out!  So this mama is doing a lot of praying.  If you want to join me it would be really appreciated.  The reason we decide to do this is 1.) God's leading  2.) It helps everyone with Spanish  3) It helps the kids with Spanish and they want to minister to the Mexican people as much as we do and we are limited until we learn to speak Spanish. 

Pictures to follow soon.


  1. i think this will be a wonderful experience. compared to german, this might be a piece of cake, especially since they are already so comfortable with their friends:) can't wait to hear the stories. (all mine are in school this year too, adjusting but excited) will definitely pray for a quick transition and a thriving year for all of you. love you.

  2. Awwww.....I think I like the sound of that teacher!

  3. Thanks girls, good to know I have some prayin' mamas on my side. ;)

  4. Praying. Your kids will be speaking spanish very soon! The younger they are the easier it will be. Then they can teach you. ;) Carie, I have some spanish books I'd love to send you if you want them. Just let me know.

  5. I know how hard this decision was for you. But, like you said, when God is in it, everything will be great. Whenever I read your blog I am amazed at how everything works out. God is good! I still wished He would have called you to Colorado Springs. LOL. Please give my love to your family. By the way, your kids will learn the language pretty soon. The younger the easier it is. You are in my daily prayers my friend. I also enjoy your food blog. God bless you, Love you.

  6. What an exciting adventure for you and your family- you are all cast upon the Lord for grace! Our family will be praying for you all. Keep persevering and you will see God's provision.

    Dios bendiga mi amiga e mi hermana!
    katie w

  7. School is going a little smoother and just one week has made a big difference in EVERYBODY's Spanish. Thanks for the prayers ya'll. :)

  8. Well we missed a lot of school during September because of trips and we need to have a meeting with the teachers just to clarify that we don't expect them to really be responsible for our children's education. Really, under the circumstances any learning is great, but mostly it's the Spanish exposure. The school has no experience with Spanish as a second language students, but everyone is doing a good job. The school and the kids. It's still a lot of work.


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