Thursday, October 7, 2010

Really Random

I need to post about Meme and Papa Mike's visit, because it was a huge blessing to us, but a lot happened and I just haven't had the time to put it into words. We have traveled a good bit this month and have changes coming, but that will have to wait also. Today I'll just leave you with random thoughts from the mission field.

Had a glitch in our Mexican school experience when the public health doctor showed up to give shots we had not be notified about. We had also neglected to tell our kids to refuse shots or anything else and just walk home if they needed to. Hannah received a shot in each arm and promptly passed out. When she came to, she was scared and crying. She's OK now and it's just a good story to tell, although she isn't really amused. "Hello!" giving shots without medical records!" None of the other children were given shots. Resisted the urge to completely come unglued, hunt down everyone involved and yell at them in whatever language can out of my month. A note has been sent regarding shots for my children. The redeeming factor is that it was hep and tetanus, which really are needed here. So everybody take a deep breath and calm down. We prayed a lot before we sent them to school and overall the experience has been excellent. The kids enjoy school. I love the way the school teaches, almost like unit studies and it is a good upfront investment for these life time missionaries.

MORE RANDOM STUFF: Found this in a journal from last year.

Josiah: God has blessed us so much at missions conferences. One time a church took all the missinary families to a bounce house. That was amazing! (In referrence to Heritage Baptist Church Waxahachie, TX Pastor Paul Shearin)

Hannah: When we went to a restaurant a pastor of a supporting church was there and he paid for our bill, that was a huge blessing" (In reference to Ozark Baptist Church, Bergman, AR Pastor Smith) Josiah: Yes, right what a missionary needed, right when he needed it.

Samuel: ...that we got to go to Colorado and see our friend Hunter and his family and the Davis family and we got to go skiing.

Josiah: God has blessed us with money....even us kids....even though we don't have an allowance.

Adelina: ...that we are at 80% of our support and we only need 20% more to be able to go down to Mexico and save souls and hopefully plant churches in every corner of the city (note *the church planting phrase was from our video the little troopers had seem about 100 times)...and that we got a bus for free to use in Mexico.

Samuel: We get to eat out at restaurants almost every Sunday and I love going to people's houses.

Adelina: At Light House Baptist Church the pastor took the men and boys out skeet shooting and the ladies out shopping. Pastor Paul Cauldwell, Springdale, AR

Samuel: In Tucson, AZ our friends the Elkins fed us almost everyday, they took us hiking and swimming and to the Sogoura Nation Forest.

Hannah: When we go to churches, we get to meet lots of people. I even met a girl my age with the same birthday as me. Some I even write letters to.

Josiah: ....that God has brought us safe this far.

Samuel: A little red car stopped in front of us in Eureka Springs, AR, we had to run off the road and around him and God kept us safe. Josiah: Yeah, and I'm glad people have been praying for us.

Hannah: The Larson's (*Reseeding America, helping local pastor establish churches and keep their doors open with BIMI, aka Samuel's favorite preacher)are so nice and that we get to see them sometimes(*Bro. Larson preached two missions conferences we attended). Josiah: Yeah, and Bro Larson is our adopted Grand Pappy.

All Kids break out sing.....God is so good....

Kids thoughts recorded 2.22.2010 on the trip from Jacksonville, NC to Rogers, AR.


Part of my Oct 6 personal journal entry said:
Read Matthew chapter 5, underlined verses 8 &; 9. Dear God, help me to honor you with my lips and my heart.

Wanted to encourage everyone to jot it down somewhere when God does something amazing for you or lays something on your heart or answers a prayer.  Practice this with your kids.  It is a testimony to go back to when you forget God is real and personal and concerned for even you.

Children bickered a bit in the back of van during 12 hour drive.  I suggest they practice the JOY system...Jesus first, Other second, Yourself last.  Samuel grins and say, "Nah, I tried that once."  That kid is too funny.

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