Monday, November 8, 2010

Meme and Papa Mike's Visit...2 months later

 Papa Mike took this, I guess Heidi was ready to go home!

We, Papa Mike and I took so many pictures during their visit, and then there is this easy share option with memory sticks....zoom and all the pictures are on my computer.  I got a little overwhelmed, add to that the fact that we packed SO much into the 10 days they were here.  A lot of ministry work out at the Children's Home, a little sight seeing, time at our house and we finished it all off by heading back to Guadalajara a day early, so we could visit the zoo and spend their last night relaxing by the pool at a gorgeous little hotel with even more gorgeous views.  I slept in the next morning and when I woke and started poking around, I found Sam and his mother sitting at table on the roof enjoying the view and some conversation.  The only way it would have been any better is if Sam would have had some coffee. 
 On the drive to Guadalajara.
 Haden really enjoyed the zoo.
 We all enjoyed the time together.
 Love this one, wish I would have been able to enter it in the "one third rule" photo contest.
 These guys were gorgeous.

 We got to feed the giraffe on the safari ride!

 Views from our hotel.
 Haden getting a much needed hair cut.
 Of course we took Meme and Papa Mike to our favorite chicken taco stand.
 At the butcher getting meat for our meals out at the Children's home.
 Our sunsets are always so beautiful, it's hard to resist snapping pics of them.
 Meme and Wendi making biscuits.

 Face painting.
 Papa Mike took pictures of things we take for granted.  I love this picture.
 Balloon art!
 On our way to church.
 We did let them rest some.

 Boys helping with the bunk beds.
 Teaching the kids to juggle....yes, I'm for real!
 Three sets of complete bunks, with closets ready to be attached.

 That's Josiah!
 Last night. :(
 Saying goodbye at church.

Sam and his mom enjoying some time together on the roof top.

Meme also brought gifts for all of us, where she put everything I'll never know, I do know they went back with some empty suitcases.  She brought some beautiful yarn for me, but I think the best gifts were plush blankets for each of the kids.  She said they could curl up in their blankets when they missed her and needed a hug.  We were all very encouraged by their visit, enjoyed every minute of it and are looking forward to more visitors.  It's so exciting to be able to share with people first hand what God is doing here in Mexico.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish I knew you in "real life". I think I would love to live in Mexico..well a little. I like the freedom of being in the US though.


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