Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lots Going On!

As we bring our time in Cuernavaca to a close everything has excelerated it seems.  Sam is taking six hours of private lessons at language school.  He is working with his teachers on teaching Bible studies in Spanish and preaching.  This week he was able with the help of a tutor and his teacher to actually stand up and preach!  He has 2 1/2 more weeks of private lessons.  It is very intense, but we are trying to make our last weeks here really count.

I am spending my weeks with a Mexican midwife, learning and getting more experience.  She is very busy and there have even been 3 births in one day sometimes.  I have just been observing how they do things here and helping out by doing some labor support, drawing up meds, cleaning up, ect.  Yesterday, I got to catch a baby, which for me is not the most important part of the process, but it is the fun part! :)  She was on the small side but perfect and beautiful and her membranes were still over her head.  Once we removed them, she cried with vigor.  Mama felt great and wanted to leave just two hours after the birth.  We assured them they were welcome to stay, but she wanted to have her family altogether at home.  It was her third baby, and since everything was stable and perfect, we proceeded with the newborn exam and birth certificate and home they went.  Happy babymoon mama!  And off the bed I went, since it was only about 10:30 pm and I got a full nights sleep.

Haden our 4 year old has been very scared and upset to get water splashed in his eyes or put his head under water.  I wasn't sure he was ever going to get over it.  Washing his hair was a little bit of an ordeal. Then last week he began swimming around in the deep end with his lifejacket on.  He seemed to enjoy being able to be involved with the other children and their games and became a little less stressed about water in his eyes.  Then Friday afternoon he was splashing around in the shallow end and he said, "Daddy look I'm going to go under the water."  And he did just that with no help from anyone!  Now there is no stopping him, he has been swimming underwater with ease.  He jumps off the side of the pool , floats up to the top and swims to the side.  We are all completely blown away by the change.  He even ask dad to throw him up in the air and he likes help touching the bottom of the pool, so that he can push off the bottom and fly to the top like Superman.
I will try to post video this weekend.  It really is nothing short of amazing, in my humble opinion!

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