Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Good Week

We read Anna Lopez's blog this week and we are praying for the orphans she mentioned.  Go over and check out her blog and join us in prayer for the children.

Below are some cute pictures of our last few weeks at our new home here in La Chona.

You go get em' bro.  I gotta refuel.  Snacks!

OK! I'm ready!  I got your back!

"OK lil' bro!  Let's head back to home base."
"OK big bro.  It must be snack time after all that fighting!"

"No!  Not snacks lil' bro.  We gotta catch some zzzz!"

"Don't worry Heidi's got our back."

"OK! Lil' bro. up and at em'.  We got to build up our defenses!"

"Build!  I need my snackage!"
"Snackage lil' bro!  No time"  I'm catching in coming!"

"I'm coming!  I got your back......."

"Oh no!  Too late!  Don't worry big bro.  I'm combat lifesaver trained!  If only I hadn't replaced all my gauze with snacks!"

"Whew!  That was close!  Thanks lil' bro!  We gotta head through the jungle before dad gets time to mow it down!"

"Ready Freddy!"

Now that's one tough snack eating Joe!

Isn't K a good sport!  She's been a huge blessing to our family.

Found one of Bro L smiling.  He's harvesting rocks out of my garden.

Look at Haden's creation.

Oh no it's gone rouge!

Have you ever seen a banana tree flower?

Josiah trying to have a good attitude about dog poop clean up duty.

Lena praying for the rain to hold off until after the movie outreach.

Have you ever felt like a storm has come upon you suddenly and almost washed you away?

And then the SON breaks through!

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