Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Last Two Weeks in Picture! How FUN!

Baked bread for the first time THIS YEAR.  In my defense, our house in Cuernavaca didn't have an oven.  I tried a new method, it's with sour dough starter and doesn't use any "leaven".  It works great.  My next goal is to teach Hannah how to make the bread, which she's very excited about.

This is one of the secrets to perfect bread; an oven thermometer.  Want your bread, not too dry, but not too gooey in the middle, get an oven thermometer.
Found this guy and several other creatures around our house.  We are now the proud owners of a black widow.  When we found the spider and were all standing around looking at it trying to decide what to do with it, K stated that she did not know why we were having a discussion when the obvious thing to do was kill it.  Then she suggested I culture it since, I have things from kefir, to bread, to kombucha, to veggies all over the house "culturing".  Too Funny!
I taught children's class in Spanish for the first time!  

Slurped my blog into Blurb!  Insta scrapbook!  YES!  I'll let you figure that one out on your own.  I sure do like my Mac!

We had green desert and it was a huge hit.  I'll post more about it later.

We visited with friends in Zacatecas for Josiah's birthday.  Aren't these two adorable little hams.

Zip-lined 380 ft, upside down, cast and all.  It doesn't get much better than that!  Happy 12th Birthday Josiah.

Hosted our first youth night.  Everyone had a blast.  Of course, it's hard when you're the little ones in the family and have to go to bed with all the excitement going on.  

Can you say NO FEAR!  YIKES!

Hannah made yummy tomato soup.  We got the recipe from Pioneer Woman's web site.  We just omitted the alcohol and used homemade stock instead of bunion and water.  Sided it with grilled shrimp from the market. 

Bro H said he wanted to see some green coming from where he harvested all those rocks.  So here it is, I'm planting seeds in Oct!!  Love !! This is my solution to the dogs getting in my garden and it works really well.  Although, I have gotten my own foot twice now.  OUCH!!  Also yes, I'm using knitting needles for spikes.  They were given to me "used" (so yes I'm using vintage knitting needle as spikes in my garden *gasp*) as a gift and I was going to use them to teach with since I never knit back and forth on straight needles....who does...knitting in the round is what it's all about, baby!  Anyway, I think they make very cheery lovely garden spikes, I'm also all about the square foot.  I like to balance my round knitting with my square gardening. Hahahaha!  Surely someone will think that's funny. :P

Happy Birthday J and isn't our friends little one absolutely a doll!  She was so inthralled with the whole candle process.

This one repelled when he was 4, so no surprises here!  LOL!

I repaired a laceration on a cow heart and aren't those good looking sutures....good technique too!  :)  Brushing up on my suturing skills and working on some new techniques.

I married him for adventure, he never disappoints!  :P

Preschool, Means style.  Haden looks at book, then says, "I need some help."  "Can you please read this too me."  Then someone reads it to him.  He also watches Leap Frog letter factory sometimes and colors lots of pictures, it's kind of his thing right now.  Then he goes outside and plays, eats lunch and takes a nap.  What a rough life!

Haden tried to use the clothes line for a zip-line.  Whoops!  It's quite high, I'm glad no one got hurt!

Hannah's turn.  She did flip upside down too, I just didn't get a good shot of it.  She'd want me to say that.  :)

The brave ones, minus K and R who still hadn't decided if they wanted to go or not.

And I saved the best for last.  K did it too and I think she's glad she did!  Although I think she closed her eyes and prayed most of the way.  Next time she'll enjoy the view more.  

Currently, Zacatecas has the 3rd longest zip line in Latin America, second only to Costa Rica and Cancun. 

Hope you've had a great few weeks too.  We got permission to do a "Movie in the Park" in our town center this Friday and will be showing an evangelical movie.  Everyone is very excited.  




  2. Because they were all out of liver!!!

  3. Love it!! Makes me homesick! Ok, so looks like you're getting practised up. Thanks for the idea. Think I'll try, too. So excited and only a little time left. Just got my book yesterday. =( Didn't realize there was a zipline there. Maybe we'll make it that way sometime. See ya soon!!


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