Friday, December 16, 2011

A Christmas Story

I thought everyone would enjoy this beautiful story of how God has redeemed two lives in more ways than one this Christmas season.  And how he used a Christian children's home to do it.  As you read the story, thank God that he is always in control, and pray for Johana's salvation.

This is the children's home we ministered in the first nine months we were in Mexico.  As you can imagine it is a challenge to make Christmas a special time of year for 30 plus children.  The home can always use funds, but especially this time of year.  I can personally guarantee that every penny that is sent to Casa Betania will be spent on these children.  So, if you are still trying to figure out what your gift to Jesus will be this Christmas, consider Casa Betania.  And here is the beautifully unfolding story of Gaby and Johana in the words of the director's of Casa Betania

One of the most amazing stories of God's love and His providence in the lives of the children we receive.

This is Gaby, she at 2 yrs. old and her two-month-old baby sister were taken by the state and placed in a children's home for infants. Through the years Gaby had been adopted on two separate occasions but returned to live in the state run home. We received 14-year-old Gaby last April. In the last several months she has given her heart and life to Jesus Christ and become such a wonderful part of our family.

We knew that Gaby had a little sister who had also been adopted but by a different family. We encouraged Gaby to continue to pray for her little sister that God would place someone in her life to share with her the amazing love of Christ and that she also might one day accept Christ as her Savior. Last month we received a phone call from the same home that Gaby came from about a 12-year-old girl named Johana. We asked Gaby and the others from that home if they knew a girl named Johana. And Gaby said yes, her sister’s name is Johana but she had been adopted. I then asked her what the age of her sister was, but she didn't know because it had been so long since she had seen her.

I began to pray for this little girl "Johana". Gaby was sure that it couldn't be her sister because she really didn't think her sister was that old, but more importantly her sister had been adopted. Last week the DIF called again about this girl and made plans to bring her here today. When she came in, we realized in fact that this is Gaby's little sister! She had been adopted twice but removed from the home because of abuse. Can it be possible that God has entrusted us with this little one also so that she might come to know Him??? God is so amazing! After four adoptions, two little sisters have been reunited in a home and it is God's good pleasure to give us the opportunity to share His love with them!!! We are so incredibly blessed!

Merry Christmas!  Now go make some cookies with your kiddos!


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