Saturday, August 11, 2012


My camera is back and even better!  YAY!

A little Spanish lesson today.  Novio means boyfriend, so novios is a couple.

Sam and I found this amazing coffee shop that sends Starbucks running off with it's tail between it's legs!  And at a better price to boot!  The coffee is grown and prepared here in the state of Oaxaca, and they know just how to grow it under the shade of the banana trees, not to mention the climate is perfect.  It's rich and flavorful, just like Oaxaca!  And as an added bonus, you can sit in comfy chairs and enjoy the view of the mountains out the open store front.

Sam and I are known to sneak over mid afternoon quite often, especially after a day at the birth center.  We sit and sip our amazing coffee, admire the view and enjoy the pleasant company (each other).  Usually we just order coffee, but occasionally dessert and maybe a sandwich if it has been an extra busy day.

One day after ordering our coffee and sandwich, Sam ran over to the cell phone store while we waited for our food.  The girl that had been our server several time before, came out to inform me that they didn't have all the ingredients for my "friend's" sandwich.  I chose another one, but I couldn't wait for Sam to get back to tell him she thinks he's my boyfriend!  Tehehe!  Mind you I was wearing my wedding band, which I have worn for the last 16 years, but wedding rings are not as big a tradition here as they are in US.  Later she got up enough nerve to ask Sam if I was his girlfriend and was surprised to find out, I was his wife and we have 5 children!
My honey and I in front of our favorite coffee shop, CafeCafe.

Recounting the story makes me smile inside.  Truly thankful I have a wonderful husband who treats me so well people thinks we are dating.  Just as it should be, right girls!

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