Monday, February 4, 2013

I want so much more for them. by Angie Ellzey

I am very excited to present my very first guest post!  Angie Ellzey and her family are veteran missionaries to the country of Bolivia.  I admire her so much as a wife, mother, missionary and christian.  She is one of those folks I think of if I ever start to feel sorry for myself.  I have watched her smile and go right on praising the Lord through unimaginable difficulties.  When I read these words from her, they echoed my feelings for my children.  What an encouragement she has been to me and I think you will find what she has to say about her hopes for her children sprinkled with wisdom, experience and truth.

I want so much more for them. penned by Angie Ellzey

"I use to say as long as my children serve the Lord, I would be happy. It didn't matter what they did as long as they were faithful to church. 

Well, after all that has happened in the last few years, I can tell you I would not be happy with that! I want so much more for them. I want them to be used in a way I never could. I want them to have victories I never had. I want them to reach people I couldn't reach. I want them to go places I've never been. I want their testimonies to have more of an impact than mine ever could. I want them to love the Lord and His work more than anything. I want them to give God their all.

God has given them the privilege of seeing His grace in ways that some never will. They've seen His mercy and goodness like few can imagine. He has blessed them with the life He has given them. My prayer for my children is that they do more for the cause of Christ than I could ever do!"

 I want them to love the Lord and His work more than anything.

Isn't that beautifully said!  Thank you Angie for those challenging words to help us consider what we want for our children in light of what God wants for our children. 

Angie with her oldest daughter, she has taught her children to love the country and people of Boliva as they have served along side her and even for her in times when her health has not allowed her to do all she would want or need to do.


  1. Angie, you said perfectly...I can't think of anything else to say...but thank you for your life, ministry, and service to our Lord and savour.

  2. Carrie:

    We spent 6 years in Puerto Rico, and my wife's father made many trips to Oaxaca to work with a mission organization there. We have a computerized homeschool curriculum that I think could be a valuable tool for helping families in Mexico homeschool their children, including a Learning to Read program that will help anyone learn to read English. But it would be even better if we could get someone to help us with some dubbing and translating.

    Would you like to look at our curriculum, see if you think it would be helpful to families in Mexico, and "talk around" to see if anyone would be interested in volunteering to help us do some dubbin or translating into Spanish? Thanks, and feel free to call or email to discuss details.

    Captain Bret


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