Friday, January 24, 2014

Kool-Aid Man

I love sitting around my the table talking to my children, of which several are really not children anymore.  They have thoughts and opinions about all kinds of things, but sometimes they are just funny.  Once you get one of them going they just feed off each other.  It can get quite loud and seem like complete chaos from time to time.  

Kool-Aid man photo bombed breakfast!

Tonight went something like this:

Me:  I don't know if it's because I'm a bit of a crunchy mama or if it's a third culture kid issue, but it was so funny when we were in the U.S. and Haden was offered Kool-Aid at a birthday party and he's looking at his aunt all unsure and says, "No, thank you."

Samuel:  Yeah cause he doesn't know what Kool-Aid is.

Haden:  What is Kool-Aid?

Me:  That flavored, colored water.

Haden:  Oh, yeah!  I didn't know what it was.

All:  {Laughing}

Josiah:  He was like, I can't drink I'm only 6.

Samuel: Yeah, he was like, I don't think I'm supposed to drink alcohol. 

Josiah:  Have you seen that commercial for Kool-Aid with the giant glass talking picture of cool-aid.

Hannah:  Yeah...have you seen it...CREEPY!  

Samuel and Josiah banter back and forth:  Dude what are you doing riding around on a skate board you're made of glass. Don't you know what happens to glass when it hits the ground.  Yeah, that's why all those kids are chasing him around with their cups.  They are waiting to catch a cup of Kool-Aid. 

Hannah:  Creepy!  

Oh my!  We got photo bombed!

By this time I couldn't hardly breath I was laughing so hard, which of course only encourages them.  Poor Haden knows how to make kombucha, but he doesn't know what Kool-Aid is.  At least he knows what root beer is.  Sam found some at a store when he was on the other side of the mountains a few weeks ago.  

We will be going to visit the island village this weekend.  We are all packed and ready for an adventure.  Have a wonderful weekend!  

Here's the link for the Kool-Aid man photo bomb app.

Here's a link to play dough you can make with Kool-Aid.

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  1. WHAT?????????? Haden didn't know what cool-Aid was? A lack of education!!!!! The Super- Healthy-American Drink!!!! By the way, Timothy does not know what that is either. And he lives in the United States. LOL.


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