Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March 2013 Recap

Meme took the girls to a cooking class.  Where we got to go on a market tour and learn about traditional Oaxacan food.
March 2013 Recap

Sam continued teaching at the institute and also preaching during the month of March.  Meme and Papa Mike (Sam's parents) visited around the Easter weekend, they even got to hear him preach.  Sam got up and said his parents didn't speak Spanish, but a sign of a good preacher in America is if everybody says Amen and such during the sermon.  He then went on to ask them if they could please do this, so his parents would think he was a good preacher. Sam will be the first to admit he can NOT tell a joke to save his life.  He doesn't quite get the timing or the punch line right, but had everyone laughing this time.  I had to explain to Meme and Papa Mike what was so funny.  

We had a great time with them.  Meme made Apple Oatmeal Bar for the Easter sunrise service and brunch.  It was a huge hit.  Samuel has been perfecting his own Apple Oatmeal Bar and is looking forward to sharing it with Meme and Papa Mike when they come visit in a couple months.  They were surprised by how easy, quick and affordable the trip was by plane.

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