Monday, January 26, 2015

Ministry Monday: Small recaps of the going-ons around here

We have a lot going on ministry wise.  The church hosted a Christmas movie night right before Christmas.  The movie had a clear presentation of the gospel and afterwards, one of the men of the church gave a short gospel centered sermon.  Almost everybody brought visitors.  I love seeing the church reach out.

That same week a church in Oaxaca city had a mission conference, so some of our church went a few nights.  The first night, Sam got a call from the pastor shortly after they had arrived at the church.  The conversation went something like this:

Pastor:  Brother Sam where are you?  (This is very odd, because culturally you always begin with a friendly greeting and then ask how the person is doing.)

Sam:  I'm here.

Pastor:  At the church?

Sam:  Yes.

Pastor:  Come up to my office!

When Sam arrives at the pastors office, the pastor informs him the speaker has not arrived and is having car problems.  You have to remember, a lot of planning has gone into this meeting, the church is packed and people from other churches have travelled to be here.  The pastor asked Sam to preach the first sermon, because "your a missionary".  So, Sam stands up and preaches in Spanish with almost no notice.  I stayed home with the baby that night, because he was still quite small, but I heard it was great!

We are also trying to minister to the family I spoke about in a previous post.  You can read about it by (clicking here).  Grandfather became very sick and was in the hospital and as soon as he was out grandmother fell and broke her wrist and is currently in the hospital.  There 18 year old granddaughter has been staying with her baby at what looks like a refugee camp just outside the hospital, leaving only grandfather to care for the children.  The church is taking meals this week and we have spoken with a Christian Children's Home here in the area that is ready to help.  This would allow Lupita to focus on her own baby knowing her brothers and sisters are taken care of and hopefully the church can continue ministering to her and her grandparents.  Please pray God's hand continues to guide us, as he already has.

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