Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short Term Mission trip

I worked today on writing a blog about missions and so on that was going to lead up to this story, but I just couldn't get the right words to flow out-perhaps another time. I didn't blog when this happened, because I didn't want to worry anyone. Now that we are back in the States, I thought this would be a good time.

One of our missions while in Mexico this time was to take over the Children's Home for about a week, so that the Benedict's could have little mini vacation with their family. We took over on Tuesday evening and everything went pretty smoothly as you saw from my blog "Nothing to Report".

Mornings are filled with lots of errands at the home. Ricardo has to be taken in to high school early, then the night help is taken home and the day help is pick up along with any shopping that needs to done. Sam usually does these errands while I hold down the fort at the Children's Home. We recieved a phone call late Friday morning, since I couldn't seem to communicate with the caller I choose one of the older boys who speaks fairly good English. A few things transprired and all I could figure out was that someone was threatening to come to the home with a gun. About the exact moment I figured this out Sam rolled up in the van-thank God. While I was trying to get Sam to the office without drawing a lot of attention the poor boy on the phone fell into piece. Making the other children aware something was wrong. I sent him to my room, while Sam dealt with the phone call and I got all the children into the house. Everyone was accounted for and I locked all the doors and tried to calm children.

It all boiled down to someone demanding money. After keeping them on the phone long enough to call the Benedict's and the police, Sam said tell them we will not give them any money and they hung up. The police were no help. They did tell use the organized crime people were out of town, several hours later it was concluded that it must be some random nobody who thought the new Americanos would be scared and give them money. Sam brought all the older kids in and explained the situation, prayed with them, went over some scripture about being bought by Christ, and ask them to help with the little ones. I Cor 7:23

About 9:45pm just as it was finally getting dark, some of the older children were in the kitchen and saw a caravan of about 10 cars coming over the hill towards the Home and paniced. We turned off the lights. It was the military, complete with truck loads of soilders, military vehicles and weapons. Some how they had caught wind of what happened and were coming out to make sure everyone in the community knew not to mess witht he Children's Home. They set up a check point and stopped cars for about 15 minutes, then packed up and rolled out. Over the next several days life evolved back to normal.

I don't know how, but God intervened that day. He kept us calm and collected, neutralized any threats and even set out the calvary so that we would sleep better that night. If your church supports missionaries, make sure you get to know as many as you can by reading their letters and if God prompts you to pray for them....He means for you to stop whatever you are doing and pray. Thank you to everyone who has stopped and prayed for us.

"For now we live, IF ye standfast in LORD" I Thes 3:8 Here Paul is talking about himself (a missionary) and he is talking to the church.

Don't worry about us, just keep keeping on where ever your called to serve, and God will take care of the rest.

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  1. I'm glad all worked together. :) And I smiled to hear of the line of military coming--that was great! God was definitely looking out for y'all. :)


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