Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're Home

We're least for two weeks. It is so good to see everyone. Our trip took longer than we had expected. We had a tragedy along the way. It is still a little raw so I will blog about our misadventure later. We arrived at 2:00 am. I did not realize until after church how much it had taken out of us. We all rested some this afternoon, I slept hard. Almost felt like I had jet lag.

We woke up this morning and came over to the childrens home for breakfast. It was good for my heart to see how excited the kids were. "Remember that store, remember that field, remember this town." They were so happy with there familiar surroundings. We were greeted with hugs at the home. It was so good to see the children. After breakfast, the older girls had a little surprise for my birhday. They made a poster and had some balloons. They also had some little gifts for me, it was extreemly sweet.

We are all struggling with Spanish, because we have not heard it in 7 months, but I was able to understand parts of the sermon this morning.

I will try to have pictures soon.

Blessings, Carie


  1. I hope everyone in the Means family is OK (including Ollie)!!!! Good to know you got there though.

  2. Ollie isn't with us anymore. It's a long sad story. I will blog about it another time.

  3. I thought something might have happened with Ollie, but was really hoping not. Big, big hugs to y'all.


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