Friday, October 23, 2009

Can't Think of a Catchy Title

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted.  We have been traveling quite a lot and have not had good internet.  We are still juicing almost every morning, but the rest of our diet is not as healthy as I would like.  Turns out that even if you eat a steller diet, you still need sleep, who knew. :P Also, there is something about being constantly on the go that just makes you feel out of sorts a bit.  Since the last week in March, I think we have travelled 30,000 miles.  The good news is we are around 58% of our needed support and are starting to talk about when we will be moving to Mexico.  I am dreaming of a garden.

So here's some random pictures to go with this very random post.

The boys homemade checker board.

Our Mission Display.

The kids enjoying the pool at Sam's cousins.

Oh man! What's not to love?

Like I said...

I love morning snuggles, he's way too busy the rest of the day and the others hardly ever want to sit and cuddle.

My half drunk cup of coffee, still sitting on the counter mid afternoon.  Story of my life. :)


  1. I love this post, Carie. I love little Hayden. He is adorable. The look on Samuel's face - he looks just like his daddy! I miss you so much. It's been too long; I went back and forth over whether to call Samuel Samuel or Josiah. I hope I got it right. It's just been too long!!

  2. Also, one other thing I forgot!

    Your coffee cracks me up. I bought a thermos a couple months ago - that thing kept my coffee warm from before Sunday school until right before evening service when I drank the last bit of it. I only used it one time and then quit coffee. Be looking for a package. ;)

  3. Carie, I meant Josiah in my first comment. I'm sure of it.


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