Monday, October 26, 2009

The Important Things

Sam's Ordination Service was last night.  It was so wonderful.  God had his hands all over it.
Before service a counsil questioned Sam privately, but the congregation was give a chance to ask questions during the service.  Here Sam is giving an answer and my dad is asking a question about who has the authority to start a church.

Sam gave a testimony of his salvation and his call to Mexico.

Pastor ask the Counsil (Bro. Andrew Bojie, Pastor Roy Harris, and Bro. Eli McTague, along with himself) if they recommend Sam for ordination.  They do. They boys in the front row with their cousin watching intently.

Dr. Harris gives a message with a charge.

Pastor Noel Cwenar gives a small charge and presents Sam with Bible.

The men of Gospel Light Baptist Church pray for Sam.

The Counsil and Sam's brother Mike and Uncle Alan, also ordained ministers, lay hands on Sam and prayed for him.  Gives me chills, but there's more.
Sam's first act as an ordained minister was to baptize Hannah.

Praise the LORD!


  1. Gives me chills. Good ones that is. By the way, remember that Hannah and Leeanna got baptized together back in Lawton? Well, Leeanna was not sure about her salvation. After many prayers she took the step and went to one of the sundayschool teachers. They went through the plan of Salvation with her and she got saved. And ... baptized. Guess the same happened to Hannah????


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