Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Child's View of Mission Work

The kid's wrote this to their King's Kids class in the States.  I typed it for them, for the sake of time.  (Any of you moms with kids in the class....don't spoil the fun....Mrs. Gina plans to read it to the class tomorrow.  I mean it, I was using my stern mommy voice!)

Lena scrubbing stains out of a shirt.

Dear Kings Kids,

It you were down here you would really love it, and make lots of friends. We are learning Spanish really fast, maybe next time we see you we will be able to speak Spanish. We get to play war and it's lots of fun at the childrens home, because there are lots of kids to play. We live in town and are able to walk to the store and tortillaria by ourselves. We are thankful we have such a nice house and it is much bigger than our trailer. It is getting hot here and we are starting a garden. We are doing school again. Heidi is getting really big. We said our first verse in Spanish at church on Sunday - Proverbs 18:24. When we ride on the bus route with daddy there are 39 topes (speed bumps). There is a lot of laundry at the childrens home. We hang if all on the line, if you came, you would be surprised how many loads there are everyday. Hannah and Lena do a lot of it to earn money for missions. Pray we learn Spanish very fast so we can tell others about Christ, and just pray for us please. Some of the children at the home have gotten sick, so pray everyone will be healthy now. We have missed you.
The Mean Little Missionaries!


  1. All my respect and admiration to the beautiful mission work you do.
    An English teacher from Jerez

  2. Thank you for your beautiful comments, your prayers are appreciated. Carie Means


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