Saturday, May 22, 2010

Language Training

The Means Family has been blessed with the unique opportunity to minister as we learn the Spanish language.  We are able to participate in both the Benedict Family's Church and Children's Home ministry.  With God's guidance we believe this is how our language training should be conducted.  Also, the newest version of Rosetta Stone was provided for us shortly before leaving for Mexico, which was a huge answer to prayer.  Sam and I make it a habit of going through as many lessons as our brains can contain at a time and then our didactic learning is reinforced as we interact with the kiddos at the home.  They have been gracious, only slight giggles sometimes and very polite corrections.  They don't mind repeating things, speaking slower, using words they know are in our Spanish vocabulary, and playing charades if necessary.  They understand we are working hard to learn.  I am so excited for the day we speak better and can get to know them better.  They are really great kids.
My ninth grade Spanish teacher said it you can learn 500 words in a language, you can really start to communicate and understand, so that is my/our first goal.  If is good to have goals, right?  Or in my case thrive on them, I love list and goals. :P  I tend to enjoy the destination more than the journey, so struggling constantly to communicate is something I have to remind myself to be thankful for.  As of about two weeks ago we were officially over the 100 word mark, putting us at 1/5 of our goal in the first month of being here.  I know we know quite a few more words, the 100 words only includes what we have learned on Rosetta Stone, not out at the Casa Betania.  So, I think we are coming along well.  The only way I can describe it, is that I feel like I am in a fog, making out a little here and a little there, some days are better than others and I think I have started to not translate as much, but just hear the Spanish. 
The kids are still struggling, but I think it will come for them, much easier than Sam and I actually.  Haden has begun to realize we use a different vocabulary when we are at Casa Betania.  Extremely amazing to see a three year old incorporating a new language into his vocabulary.  There is absolutely no struggle or stress for him.  He translates nothing, he just adds it in.....absolutely amazing. 
We play a lot of futbol, or should I say Sam and the kids play a lot of futbol.  I usually go for a run with the kids that want to go.

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