Monday, July 5, 2010

If You Get a Word From God

If you get a word from God, just step out and He will take care of all the details, right down to the teeth.  Last year two of Hannah's teeth began coming in very high, because there was not enough room for them.  God put us in touch with the right orthodontist for Hannah's condition.  They fitted her with a device that started making room in her month for her teeth and her teeth have began moving into the correct place.  They worked around our very busy schedule last year.  In fact, Dr. Lowder's office was the last stop we made on our way out of town, as we started toward Mexico.  Also, They were very generous to us and God provide the rest of the funds needed for the devices, as he always does.

This special device fits into Hannah's mouth and she tightens and expands it periodically.  It had almost reached it's full expansion and it was now time for a new device.  We were able to get a mold of her teeth made at a dentist here in Jerez and Dr. Lowder's office was able to fashion the new device, both Dr. Lowder and the dentist here noted that the "progress was excellent".  The concern was how to get the device here in a timely manner and unharmed as they are somewhat fragile.

Not sure how God worked it all out, but a colleague of Dr. Lowder's with knowledge of this device, just happened to be coming to Fresnillo, a nearby city, to visit his daughter, who is a missionary there.  He hand delivered the device and even did a few adjustment to fit it just perfect.  He also took pictures, so he could consult with Dr, Lowder.  Thank you so much Dr. Mahon and Dr. Lowder's office and Praise the Lord!

Every last detail!

Hannah's new smile!

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