Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impromtu Science Experiment

Sometimes, when we have time and we think of it and we remember the containers, we get milk from a farm close to Casa Betania.  Adelina and Daniella, who is also seven, went with Sam on Tuesday morning.  They got to watch the cow get milked.  Adelina was very inspired.  She found a large box and got some of the children to help her draw and color a cow.  She then cut it out.  When we got home she asked for a plastic glove, which she filled with water, attached to the cow with help from her daddy and gave a milking demonstration.  It would have made a great science project for a science fair.  After an experiment with water in the glove, we let her use milk.  She even demonstrated how the baby cow nursed.  Haden thought that was great and gave it a try, complete with moooooing sound effects, too cute. 

BTW, I started a new blog dedicated to all my crazy cooking and gardening adventures.


  1. I love everything about this post! From the opening sentence, to Lina's ingenuity, to Haden's nursing a cow, and all the pics!

  2. I know you couldn't make that stuff up! Kids are so awesome! :)


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