Saturday, December 7, 2013

We had an Unschool Week

Not a huge fan of unschooling, but being a missionary, sometimes you just role with it.

This week I think the kids eked out a small bit of read aloud and read alone...maybe.

We also travelled to Little Rock and they became immigrants of Mexico.  We're going to put that under cultural education and social sciences.  They also read a kid's book in Spanish while we waited at the Mexican Consulate.  We're going to put that under foreign language.

The consulate staff that had helped us, was excited for us and helped us get our picture with our visa stickers. 
 Lena got a long and very productive day of tutoring.  Here's my FB status about her dyslexia.  You can pray for me and her as we continue down the path we started on Friday.  I will have to be her tutor in Mexico.

FB status:  "Just wanted to share how God has been so loving and kind to our family. My 11 year old has struggled and struggled with reading. We have tried three "learn to read" programs. I finally decided something must be wrong and began researching. I suspected she had dyslexia, but of course there is nothing to test for it where we are and I really was unsure how to help her. We are in the U.S. working on visas and God provided someone to test her (she is PROFOUNDLY dyslexia) and she is going to tutor her and work on teaching us how to work with her on the field! She a Christian lady and she was so encouraging to my little girl, who's very smart, but thinks she not, because she can't read. I just marvel at a wonderful God, who created this little missionary kid and takes care of her needs when we have no idea how to."

The boys got up early on Wednesday morning, put on their hunter orange, packed up some granola bars and enjoyed a nice walk in the woods.  We're going to call that natural science and art, because they took the camera and actually came back with some nice shots.

Love that kids can appreciate that a beautiful sunrise is worth getting up for.

Oh Arkansas!  You are beautiful, even in winter!

Lastly we took a snow day!  My kids haven't seen snow in almost four years.  Haden doesn't remember ever seeing snow.  They were so excited.  We stayed the night with Sam's brother and his wife and took the kids out sledding today.

This was my FB status:   "My apologies to NWA (Northwest Arkansas) for all the snow. A little missionary kid really wanted to play in snow before he went back down to Mexico!"

When you have to wear goggles, you know it's hard core!

Yeah, that happened!
I'm going to call it a good week! 

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  1. I call that a great week too! I'm hopping over from A Mama's Story.

  2. I am an adult that has always struggled with dyslexia.(I am mildly dyslexic) I have a brother that is more profoundly dyslexic, he was not reading independently until he was 12. Dyslexic kids are sooooooo smart! They have a very special place in my heart; they try so hard and. It is so important to understand that their learning style is different, but there are so many ways to increase academic skills in spite of low reading levels. I teach children with learning disabilities to read and they are so much fun!


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