Monday, June 29, 2009

Adventures in Tag Sales

I shopped Tag Sales Saturday morning. At least that is what Martha Stewart calls them. Tag Sale sounds so much more whimsical than yard sale or garage sale. I even saw a sign for a rummage sale. Whatever you call them, they are great fun. For 50 cents we got Adelina a pair of glittering red shoes that fit her glittering personality. Another 5o cents bought Samuel a two inch thick WWII History in Pictures book. He is obsessed with all things military right now. I got a small stack of very old books, one published in 1928 and one in 1905 for 25 cents each. One was written by Helen Keller and looks to be very interesting and challenging to read. It’s small and blue with delicate pages. The stack makes me wish I had better photography skills; they would make such beautiful pictures.
The girls and I went together and had a wonderful time. We hope to go again in a few weeks with my mother, who is a real pro. I have sweet memories going with her as a girl.
Happy Tag Sales, I hope you find something useful and beautiful that makes you smile every time you use it.

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