Friday, June 5, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

I can see the children happily playing from the kitchen table where I am checking emails and drinking my coffee after only reheating it once. I usually reheat it three times and dump it down the drain figuring after being in the microwave three times it has more radiation than one should really consume. They are really enjoying the time off from school. We "out sourced" their education this past year and they got a huge dose of "real" school. The kind of school where you do a lot of book work and sit in your seats a good part of the day. Don't get me wrong, they still have no idea what public school would be like, but they are appreciating some time off.

The morning chores went well, so I have a clean house. Josiah and Samuel got in a tiff about something and it distracted them from their work, so I got a clean bathroom out of that deal. While the kids finished up Haden and I took a walk together around the church property. He enjoys some special time with his mama. We didn't see Sam much this morning. He got up early for prayer and bible study and then got to work finishing up a construction project on the front of the church. Boy, I sure did marry a handy one. I took him his carrot, blueberry, and strawberry juice and we took a little morning walk. It is nice having him around more after all we have been through with the Army.

So all in all in all it looks to be a nice day. The sun oven is already heated to 150F at 9:40 AM and it is only about 70F outside. I put left over soup in it to heat for lunch. We still don't have it completely sealed or the reflectors, so I am really pleased with it. We are using a make shift reflector right now, but it seems to be working well. Once we get the kinks worked out I will post about the project, including drawings of the children's very clever designs. I can't wait to bake bread in it, for Sam it's all about the chocolate chip cookies.

Have a great day.

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