Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farmer's Market Review

For those of you who don't take advantage of the farmer's market you should. Here in Northwest Arkansas we have at least four markets from which to choose. I usually go to the Fayetteville market. It is the largest and most established. However, Sam and I had a morning to ourselves this Saturday, so we checked out the Bentonville market.

It is smaller, but it had a really neat flair. There were some farmers from MO, a local lady who makes and customizes baby items, a leather maker, a homemade bread stand, grass fed beef from MO and lots of locally grown produce stands. I didn't ask, but the produce seemed to be from small scale, perhaps even backyard gardens. There was the typical seasonal produce for this area; beets, turnips, radish, salads, onions and other spring produce. Each stand seemed to take great care in displaying neat clean produce. Mayor Bob McClasin was there putting in some community service by cleaning up the streets and I saw Debra Billingsley a local shop owner enjoying the market. It seemed very community based.

The square is around a fountain instead of a building, which makes the whole market open and appealing. We enjoyed coffee and a cinnamon role from World Garden's booth and chatted with friends we hadn't seen in a long time. It was neat to learn about World Garden and all their homemade goodies and on site roasted coffee. They have a very responsibly, sustainable, give back philosophy.

The market was very enjoyable. I am excited to see what it offers as the season goes along. I love eating so close to my food source. It is not as good as having my own garden, but it will work for this year.

I am sorry I don't have any pictures to share. I have not been good about keeping my camera with me lately, but I will get a picture this Sat hopefully.

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  1. First off, excellent menu list over there!

    We get our eggs from the B'ville Market and they're fantastic! We also usually come home with a basket full of yummy apples, too. :)


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