Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fluid Life

There are some things I miss terribly. I miss afternoon coffee and cake with my friend Manuela. I miss feeling at home together-like family.

I miss walks together in our German village with my friend Suzette. Sharing our passion about birth and motherhood and God.

I miss morning walks with my friend Aimee. As I liesurely brought my one little girl and and she graciously wrangled her three boys. Obviously making great effort to spend the time with me.

I miss Sunday afternoon lunches at my sisters house, when she let a newly married couple come and share thier home and children and wisdom.

When moving is part of your life, you jump into a community with both feet. You get involved. You accept others and you form strong friendships, far away from family.

This is the short list. So many people along the journey have made our lives so much richer and we are wiser and better for it.

Some friendships are for a season and you loose touch naturally. Some are for a lifetime and you miss them as you miss your own family.

To all the friends that have taken time out of their lives to make our lives more meaningful....Thank You so much.

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  1. I treasured our walks together and would have gladly wrangled ten boys to be able to spend that time together :)


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