Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adventures in Character Building: Day Two

Responsibility Experiment: Day Two: Tuesday

Sam and I stay in bed a little longer than normal. Around 7:00 am, my children, whom have all gotten a good nights sleep (Tehehe!) are up and around.

Carie: Is that dishes being done?

Sam: Is someone sweeping?

Carie: It sounds like the dog is being fed. Note: This is Adelina's chore. Everyday as the children are going out to play, all the mouths fed, dishes done and house in order, I asked Lena if the dog has been fed. It's hard to say yes, when the empty bowls are telling on you. To which she grins and confesses she has forgotten. Miracle of all miracles! It's the first thing she thinks of when she wakes today!

At around 7:15 am Sam and I meandor downstairs (all three of them) and wonder at all the productivity going on. By midmorning everything is done and the children are searching for more chores. My bathroom gets cleaned that day!

On Wednesday my car gets washed!

On Thursday we are still headed in the right direction, but I am not ready to declare it a total success. Adelina and Samuel earn enough time to stay up until 8:00 pm. I think they are tired, because they are happy to go to bed and Hannah and Josiah enjoy and extra 45 minutes together. They sit outside enjoying a warm foot soak and the sunset.

Friday everyone makes it to 9:00pm.

It seems our experiment is having positive results.....or is it?

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  1. Oh this is great! But yeah, those children could really outdo themselves one day and make it to midnight. LOL


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