Monday, July 13, 2009

HeeHaw Flash Back

Carie: "I found a whole field of wild blackberries today."

--That's Good

Carie: "No, that's bad."

--That's Bad?

Carie: "Yes, because we are only going to be in town for two more days."

--Oh that's bad!

Carie: "No that's good, because we gathered enough to make a blackberry cobbler."

--Oh! That's good!

Carie: "No that's bad, my children and husband are going to want me to share it with them."

--Oh, that's bad.

Carie: "No, that's good because I am going to stay up and eat the whole thing all by myself, with a whole bucket of vanilla ice cream."

--Oh! That's Good!

Carie: "No that's bad, because I am going to have such a terrible stomach ache, I won't be able to sleep and everyone will be terribly unhappy with me in the morning."


The kids have been into this, that's good, that's bad thing. It's hilarious! Guess I got caught up in it a little too. The cobbler filling simmering on the stove smells heavenly. It really does make me want to eat it all tonight.

Happy Blackberry Season! :)

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