Friday, November 6, 2009

Old Friends, New Friends

Deputation suits us better than I thought it would. We have been nomads for many a year, because of Sam’s military career. Deputation has been more of the same. New places, new faces, and new friends with the added blessings of getting to see some friends we have not seen in years.

This past week we attended two missions conferences we have been looking forward to for a long time; Talking Rock Road Baptist Church in Branson, MO and Bible Baptist Church in Lawton, OK. TRRBC is the sending church for the Benedict, whom we are joining in Mexico, so they welcomed us in like family. We are not complete strangers to them. We were at their conference last year, but just to meet the Benedicts to help plan our first trip to Mexico.  Bro. Bob Larson spoke at the conference. We met him a while back at another conference and he’s the boy’s hero. They think he’s the best preacher ever. TTRBC was kind enough to give us a CD of his sermons. It was such a blessing to be part of their mission week. They also put Bibles together for Bearing Precious Seed. The kids love participating in that.

Then Friday morning we packed up the RV, jumped in the truck and headed for Lawton, OK for PM services. After a wrong turn, getting stuck in the mud and almost getting our home plowed through by a dump truck we arrived just in time for dinner and services. BBC was our church whn we lived in Lawton, so it was once again like going home. It was so good to see all the old friends and lots of new faces too. They planned their fall festival in the middle of the missions conference, which was great fun for the whole family. Haden’s favorite thing was the hay ride, so that’s where I spent a good deal of time…I didn’t mind. Our friends the Anderson’s from Duncan, OK came to join in the fun. Haden ate his hotdog, then made a potato chip sandwich….too funny.

On Monday we had lunch at the Heinz’s house. Bro. Heinz is the director of the Serviceman’s Center. He and Sam and Will Hader spent lots of Saturday mornings knocking on soldier’s doors on post, inviting them to church and sharing Christ. It was so good to spend the afternoon with them.

After a week of services and visiting, we spent some family time out at the Wildlife Refuge. It was fun to watch Haden discover the rocks and paths so familiar to the rest of us.

And of course, you can’t go to Lawton without visiting Meers. 


  1. Carie! I loved this post. It made me homesick for BBC - it was so great to see all the people in the background of your photos!

    We never did make it to Meers - we were saving it for a date, I think. Shows how often we go on dates!

  2. It was great to see you all! Dora has decided Hannah is her long lost sister! lol Being in a homechurch this is the most time my children have spent in a traditional church, they now seem to think that traditional churches are all about candy and hayrides! LOL


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