Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trip Jounal: June 21th & 22nd


 The Norris Family arrived around 9:00 am and we finalized the packing, had a small meeting with all 9 children to talk about ways they might be able to minister and a few tips to help them stay safe. Then we loaded everyone into the two vehicles.  Everyone was so very, very excited.

Sam drove our van about 10 feet out into the road, smelled something, popped the hood and jumped out to investigate. The van had shown no signs of problems, but the radiator was clearly leaking. It was promptly removed and taken to be repaired in hopes of still leaving. We were unsure how long the trip would be due to road conditions, but we knew we could not leave too late and be caught on slippery, dark, washed out roads. The radiator was repaired while the kids made the best of the unexpected play date. However, once the repaired radiator was installed, it leaked even more and we realized we needed a new radiator. 

The adults sat down and made the hard and disappointing decision to leave the following morning. Leaving everything packed, we went in and explained everything to the children and helped them understand this is one way God uses to guide us and keep us safe. What a great lesson to be able to learn so early in life. 

Later that evening when we received the call that the husband of the doctor at the birth center was in the hospital, it was decided we would stay through Friday so we could fill in the gap for the Friday appointments at the birth center and then we knew one of the reasons we had been delayed. 


Friday was a calm uneventful day of waiting and serving at the birth center, but when I returned home I learned God had changed things around for the Norris family. They would no longer be able to join us on our adventure the following morning. Sharing in our excitement and helping to buy supplies had been a huge blessing to us and we know there will be other opportunities

To find out more about where we are going and why read the previous post or check out our web site.  We no longer need donation, as we have now returned.  I am just filling everyone in on the adventure and blessings we had a long the way.

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