Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trip Journal: June 23rd

There was a lot of rain and fog.
We had a hard time tying up loose ends and leaving Oaxaca, since our plans (that were quite spontaneous in the first place) had now changed several times.  As we ate at the restaurant shortly after 2:00 pm, we felt unsure and discouraged, enough so that we considered canceling the trip.  After our meal we felt a little better and slowly made our way to the south end of the city and began the steep and winding journey.  Besides the numerous hair pin curves, the roads were in fairly good condition, with a few evidences of washouts and mud slides.  We made it to Pochutla just as the last rays were giving way to darkness.  We were tired, but no one had thrown up, which was no small miracle considering the hours and hours of curves.  This was conformation of the power of ginger for me.

We had just been on the road you see on the other side of the ravine.

We were welcomed into the home of a national pastor and his family.  They were warm and accommodating, despite being tired from a week of clean up from hurricane damage.  Their house had no damage, but their church was badly damaged and despite a week of working they had only managed to clean up.  Repairs would have to wait for money, more dry weather and the physical labor would be slow also as many in the congregation were busy repairing their own roofs.  Under these circumstances they sat with us and tried to make sure we were as comfortable as possible and chatted as if all was well and I guess, all was well, because our heavenly father is in control.

Pastor Jabel was to accompany us Pluma, but since the next day was Sunday we would spend it with the Christians there in Pochutla.  We would be spending Sunday morning in town and Sunday evening out in the village.

We had come to be a blessing, yet this family fed all 7 of us, even though their refrigerator and cupboards were empty.  They gave us their beds to sleep in and never ask for anything.  That is often how things go, when you try to be a blessing to someone else, you end up receiving the blessing.  We enjoyed the fellowship that night, very humbled by the joyful spirit of this family, in the mist of their trial.  This made a huge impression on my children, which was good for this mama's heart.  Tomorrow it would be our turn to be blessing.

The view from the church of Pochutla and the mountains.

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