Friday, November 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Today is a travel day. A long travel day, but everyone has had a good attitude about it. We are driving from El Paso, TX to Rogers, AR. I think that is roughly 16 hours. We tried to fill our schedule, but it just worked out that we would be back in Arkansas with family over the holidays. This maybe the last holiday season we are with family for a while, so it is probably best. We had breakfast of fresh veggie and fruit juice before starting out this morning, snacked on fruit and nuts and had hummus and veggies for lunch. For dinner we pulled into the back side of a Home Depot and Sam busted out the grill and whipped up some BLTs, too funny. We dropped some frozen corn on the grill. It came out tasty and it cooled the grill down. Sam packed it up and put it away before anyone realized we were grilling in the parking lot.  I think we will do the tag team driving some tonight. I drive until I’m tired while Sam sleeps, them Sam gets up and drives until he’s tired and them we pull over and sleep until morning. This way we drive while the kiddos are sleeping and it’s easier on them. It makes the travel day shorter tomorrow.

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