Thursday, November 26, 2009

All Pumped Up

We enjoyed our time in El Paso. We had several churches to present at, so we were in one spot for two weeks. The weather was nice and we were out at the Bearing Precious Seed Compound, so the children got to enjoy the desert and the nice weather. Lots of sand gets in, but I didn’t mind. Last Friday we had the opportunity to cross the border into Mexico and be a part of another missionaries community outreach. They set up a screen and showed a movie in a neighborhood park. The movie is salvation based and then a short sermon was given. About an hour or two before dark, church members breakup into teams and knock on doors in the neighborhood to tell people about the film and hand out tracts and John and Romans. Also, a van goes around with loud speakers announcing that a film will start at dark in the park. We all giggled every time it went by us.

We got to go with Maria. I was really pumped up by her zeal. Many people have gates and bars on their homes for security, but this did not discourage Maria. She chose a good size rock, banged loudly on the gate, while her and her two daughters loudly called, “Buenos Tardes”. No timid little knock and I guess they aren’t home for her. Come on now, you know you’ve done it.

The only thing that slowed her down was dogs, but she would still yell from the street and bang with her rock. At one point she was able to spend several minutes presenting the plan of salvation to a man, whom couldn’t come see the film because he was on his way to work. She called it “giving the call”.

Imagine my surprise when I found out she only got saved in July at a neighborhood film showing like the one we were doing! God blessed our effort and seven people were saved.

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