Friday, November 13, 2009

Making Tracks!

We had a little time last week to enjoy the journey, not just hurry to the destination.  Only not having a schedule to fill in the free time makes me edgy.  I am way too driven sometimes.  I know that, that's my deal, but that is a whole other post.  Anyway, back to enjoying the journey. We were able to stop at Dinosaur Valley State Park and Creation Evidence Museum.  The park has places where you can see numerous huge dino prints both sauropods and tauropods.  It's very impressive to think of these large animals.  The kids really enjoyed the field trip.

Activities: Dinosaur Valley State Park contains some of the best preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. The dinosaur tracks are located in the riverbed, so please call ahead to check on river conditions. There are two fiberglass models; a 70-foot Apatosaurus and a 45-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were built, under commission of the Sinclair Oil Company, New York World's Fair Dinosaur Exhibit of 1964 - 1965.

The girls put there hand in and discover the imprint of a sharp claw!

Foot prints that look suspiously like human foot prints are discredited.

We had to wade across a stream to see the prints.

A little discovery

We spent the next day at the nearby Creation Evidence Musuem.  The children are standing in front of an Allosaurus.  We have the video documentary of when this fossil was exavated, so it was very cool seeing it.

We are now in El Paso, TX.  We were able to park our RV on the Bearing Precious Seeds Compound.  We have been here a whole week and will be here a week more.  Two weeks in one place!  WOOHOO!  It has been such a blessing too, because it is slightly outside of the city and they have tons a land for the kids to roam and another missionary family that works with BPS lives here with their kids.  The only problem is it has been hard to get the kids to focus on school with the nice weather and great outdoors calling, not a terrible problem to have.

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