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Giveaway Winner! & Recap 2013

Coffee and Cup Giveaway Winner!

And we have a winner!  Congratulations Emily from Oklahoma.  She got extra entries by posting a comment.  Can not wait to hear what you think of the coffee.  

June, July and August 2013 Recap

Even though our time on the coast was very busy, it is hard not be be a little more relaxed when the beach is within walking distance. 
The end of June we found ourselves packing up and heading to the coast of Oaxaca.  The mission was two-fold; level three of language school and aiding a national pastor with his church.  Pastor Victor and his wife were receiving hostile treatment for refusing to abort their baby.  An apple size tumor was discovered by ultrasound during a routine prenatal.  The timing was perfect, they were able to stay in our house in the city and see a specialist and we were able to help with their church on the coast.  

At first the tumor caused pain, but mom and baby were doing well.  With time, the tumor unexplainably began to shrink!  She was even able to give birth naturally, where months before a tumor blocked the way.  I know many were praying for this baby, her mother and family.  It was a joy to walk beside this family and see their strong faith during this difficult time.

A grateful mother giving public thanks for the precious baby she is holding.
Meanwhile, on the coast, Sam did his best to teach and preach to the small congregation, while keeping up with his Spanish studies.  He used the opportunity to do lessons on how to study the Bible.  We knew God was using this situation to move Pastor Victor to the city to start a church in an area were the is almost no evangelical work.  The coast was Pastor Victor's home area.  He moved there several years ago after a successful church plant near the border.  He has a burden for his home town.  A lot of people knew him, but they did not except that a boy from their little town could know anything about the Bible.  In his own puebla, he was threatened with jail several time for starting a church.  We are praying God sends the right person to take over the work he began with much adversity.  You can CLICK HERE to see what life on the coast is like.

It was a privilege for Sam to translate for his brother during a service.
We are thankful Lindsey was with us.  She stayed with Samuel, Adelina and Haden while we at language school and two children of another missionary family.  Her servant's heart was such a huge blessing.  

One treat for us during this time was the visit of Sam's brother and his family.  We had so much fun while they were with us.  The time flew by.  Sam got to interpret for him at one of the church services.  It is always an encouragement to have friends and family visit.  

We hosted a Fourth of July celebration.  Teachers, students, neighbors and friends joined us.  Above we are getting the fire ready.  Testing out our marshmallow substitute and warming up the instruments.  
The language school we attended is designed for missionaries, so there are missionary families from all the world.  They will serve in various Latin American countries when they complete the four levels of Spanish training offered by the school.  Since we live in Oaxaca, we have chosen to do a seven weeks level whenever we can.  We began in 2012 at level two and completed level three this time.  I do not know when we will have the opportunity to do level four, but it is a very important level.  We are so encouraged by how much our Spanish has improved through the school.  This time God provided funds for Hannah and Josiah to attend level two.  CLICK HERE for more info on the school.   

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