Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ministry Monday Week #7: First Outreach Efforts

Well, I could say, look what we are doing down here in Mexico.  However, that would be not be truthful.  Truthfully, I would have to say, look what God is doing in Mexico of which we get to be a part.  Saturday night the small, but growing group of believers that just formed into a church a few months ago decided they wanted to show a historical movie about the life, conversion, and ministry of a Mexican missionary who spent his life reaching many remote villages.  They planned it, they invited their friends, and they even prepared food for their guest.  

They gave Sam the honor of bringing a small salvation message after the movie.  I think they were intimidated to do that part, so Sam did it together with one of the other men.  In the end it was the other brother, who summed up the message and pulled it all together.  Sam was able to step away from even that.  As you can see it was full and most seated were guest.  Follow up visits are planned.  We had three adorable little guest, who even came back with us for church the next day.  It warms my heart to see the church folks show love to those we bring, even when they are children.  

 Pray for those who came, that the seed planted in their hearts will take root and grow.  What exciting things did you see God do this week?  

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