Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ministry Monday Week #6: Recap 2013

This week we sang in Spanish as a family for the family conference of a national pastor and close friend.  In September or August of last year he felt led to start a church in a large area on the other side of the city.  You can find out more about it by reading under the heading Pueblo Nuevo - Oaxaca, just CLICK HERE. I am working on a blog with a recording of the songs we sang for next week.  It was not great.  It was the first time we have sung in public in quite a while, I think we were nervous and it was in Spanish.  But, it is hard to say no the Pastor Victor.  At least the song had a good message!

Meanwhile, I wanted to try to finish up the 2013 Recap.

April was a short trip to the U.S. to try to gain residency status in Mexico.  The visas were a mission fail, so we returned on tourist visas a little wiser.  I attended the Christian Midwives International Conference during our trip and even spoke on the topic of midwifery, missions, and being culturally savvy.  I called it "Culture Clash: Things to know before you go on mission".  I didn't get invited back...mmmm...

May and June were busy with a lot of the same.  It always takes a little bit to recover from a trip.  The great thing was we added our niece, Lindsey to the mix.  She was a trooper.  When she arrived we were in serious water rationing mode.  We were only flushing toilets when necessary, we were taking cold sponge bathes and hauling dishes outside to wash.  Every few days when we heard the water come on, everything would stop and we would run around flushing toilets and taking showers.

She didn't bat an eye.  She hauled water in and warmed it up for Haden's bath, no complaints even when she was sick or spider bitten.  She was a huge blessing to the church where Sam does the Bible Institute.  She gave violin lessons and Adelina translated for her.  Although she was starting to get by on her own before her three months were up.  We were so sad to see her go.  She was a huge help and blessing to all of us in different ways.  She was a tutor to Adelina and Haden, a friend to Hannah and an amazing assistant.   

Lindsey, if you are reading this...we are on water rationing again, so be prepared!  Can't wait to see you in May!

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