Monday, March 17, 2014

Ministry Minday Week #8: Mexican Baby Showers

The short devotion was well received.
Here in Oaxaca, Mexicans have adopted the U.S tradition of a baby shower.  They call them "Baby Showers" with a slight Mexican accent.  They like to have fun and play some of the usual baby shower games.  Like most Mexican celebrations there is usually a meal involved even if it is modest.  They have decorations such as balloons and signs, often homemade, but usually not a cake.  Dessert is often jello based or something similar to tres leche.  If the family is Christian there is often a small devotion on family or motherhood.  I have had the privilege of doing a devotion at a Mexican baby shower before.

Recently I was invited to the baby shower of one of the ladies at the newly formed church here in Huayapam.  It was unique in that both non-Christian family and church family attended.  It was a good opportunity for her family to see how much her church family cares for her, for them to see us pray and hear a few gentle scriptures about the blessings of children and motherhood. 

Above we are playing a "multitasking game" in which you have to hold your baby, talk on the phone and hang up your clothes.  I tied my baby on rebozo style and was really moving along until I dropped the phone!  That was not mine!  That splatted in pieces all over the floor!  Turns out I am a little rusty at multitasking.  The ladies thought it was hilarious and the phone worked fine after they got it put back together.  You can see my reaction.

One interesting game they have played at every baby shower I have attended is the "lip stick" game.  No one marks their gift.  The new mama opens the gift and then she has to guess who brought it.  If she guesses correct she gets to mark their face with lip stick, but if she is wrong, the person who brought the gift gets to mark her face.  I have never gone to a baby shower were they have not guessed my gift and this one was no exception.  I guess no matter how hard I try, something screams American or maybe my face gives it away.  I guess I probably should not try poker anytime soon.

I was also able to be part of a little private baby shower.  When I gave the prenatal class to all the ladies at the church in the city they brought a gift for a young pregnant mom in my village.  I have done some of her prenatal care and knew she was probably not going to get a shower.  She was supposed to come to the prenatal class with me and we were going to surprise her with a mini shower, but she could not make it because she had to stay home and watch her younger brothers and sister, so I got the honor of taking her the gifts.  Please pray for her and her family.  They are dear to our hearts.  I hope the gifts were a demonstration that others care for her.  Someday I hope she knows how much Jesus cares for her.  

Those of you who are interested in all things birth, will probably find it interesting that she was told by her doctor that her pelvis was too small and that they needed to schedule a c-section.  The c-section rate is around 80% here, so this is pretty par for the course.  I told her there was no way to know until birth.  She gave birth naturally just three days later.  Mom and baby are doing well!

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